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What Our Members Say

There are some great classes put on by the staff, who I can actually not fault also. Pure Gym is fun, very light, has a great atmosphere.

Claire, Manchester Pure Gym

I think I've been to about every gym in Edinburgh, and in the end it was easy to choose Pure Gym, as all the rest have stupidly high joining fees, are far too expensive per month, and often don't have a good selection of machines, so it's great to see a gym with such a no nonsense approach and a realistic price tag.

Will, Edinburgh Pure Gym

Ridiculously low price for the services and facility you get here. It was that cheap that I also have Personal Training now and the results that I see are far better than I have seen in the last 8 years that I have been a gym user.

Matthew, Manchester Pure Gym

I was recently on a business trip to Manchester for over 3 months, and I wish there was a gym like this back in Australia. Clean, friendly, great atmosphere and VERY cheap for what is on offer to you. I would expect to pay about A$60 for what you get here. Plus there isn't any contract so it was completely idyllic for me.

Elise, Manchester Pure Gym

Since joining Pure Gym I have never been so motivated to go to the gym. I am finding that I am spending longer in the gym, but also doing more once I am in the gym and I believe this is all down to striking the right balance of what a gym needs.

There is a great buzz in the gym, machines are always available even at peak times, but also the equipment in the gym are the best I have come across and easy to use. The staff are friendly and very approachable each one I find welcomes you with a smile.

Also the general upkeep of the gym is great. There is rarely a broken machine, always clean and I always feel that there is a great pro-active management behind the gym always coming up with new classes, helping you with machines you're not sure about but also always seems to be someone near when you need help. I used to pay treble what I pay now and Pure Gym exceeds all the levels I ever had in the other gyms I used to use. I have referred over 5 friends already this month.

Ryan, Manchester Pure Gym

Fantastic gym and atmosphere. Very impressed with the variety of machines, particularly the rope machine as i have never seen one before and enjoyed using it!

Gary, Leeds Pure Gym

I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on your new Leeds gym. This is exactly what I have wanted for ages - a gym that just does what it says. I love the fact it is 24 hrs, the great range of machinery and it is spotless. I also like the fact that there is no hard sell - you can go whenever you want, do your own thing etc. I do love it and hopefully I'll stick to my exercise regime this time. Plus the price is absolutely amazing value. I have been a member of two major health club chains and you put both of them to shame.

Kay, Leeds Pure Gym

Having been a member of the Pure Gym in Leeds, I would definitely recommend the gym without any reservations to all alike... Students, Professionals and everyone. Students because of the price, Professionals & everyone because of the location. The concept of the gym is unique where it is a self serviced one and keeps the charges minimal.

The gym is equipped with excellent high end technology with the state of art cardio vascular machines, resistance machines and free weights. Pure gym being the 1st of its kind to be open 24/7, 365 days a year, Its high end technology makes the gym a safe and secured place for all. The Manager (Malcolm) and his staff are always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Also, Pure Gym has the facility which enables members to train at most of its branches over the UK. This place is highly recommendable.

Ram, Leeds Pure Gym

Great price, great facilities, great staff

Jo, Edinburgh Pure Gym

24 hours is so handy..how long will this low price last?

James, Edinburgh Pure Gym