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Future Developments for PureGym

I heard you are planning to merge with another gym?
Pure Gym is planning to merge with The Gym Group, so that we can bring the benefits of low price, value for money fitness clubs to even more people in Britain. Together we’ll be able to open more gyms and improve our range of facilities, whilst continuing to provide you with everything you currently enjoy. As you’ve already discovered, this is a fantastic deal for everyone who is cost conscious but cares about their health too - and we want to bring our proposition to more people nationally.
Will my gym change after the merger?
At the moment and for the foreseeable future there won't be any significant changes that will affect you. Everything will carry on in exactly the same way as you're used to. As and when anything does change, then you’ll be the first to know. Rest assured, however, we will remain true to our commitment to a value for money, quality-led customer experience.
Will I have the same trainer at my gym?
We don't anticipate many significant changes at your gym if the merger goes ahead - and that includes the people who work there.
Will existing member prices go up?
No way! We made a promise to our members that they'll receive a price for life – and we're sticking to it. Our members will always get the best deal, always. (Remember though, that the price for life is based on you staying a member, and not leaving).
I've got a price for life, does this mean it's changing?
No way! We made a promise to all of our members that they'll receive a price for life – and we're sticking to it. Our members will always get the best deal, always. (Remember though, that the price for life is based on you staying a member, and not leaving).
Will my gym change its name?
We will be reviewing branding over the coming months. For now, everything will continue as normal.
Will I be able to use more clubs?
Absolutely, if the merger is successful (it needs to be approved first) then our plan is for members to have the option to access all existing clubs and the many that will be added as we continue to grow, at the moment there will be over 100 to choose from! We're still working out the details and when we have, you'll be the first to hear.

The Concept

The price sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?
There isn't a catch! We can do this by keeping costs low and focussing purely on fitness by removing unnecessary and expensive extras such as pool, sauna, fluffy towels, cafes etc.
What do you mean by 'no contract'?
Exactly that. You are only obliged to pay for one month's membership by direct debit and after that you can cancel at any time with your bank.
Are the Pure Gyms really open 24 hours 7 days per week?
Yes they are, 365 days a year!

The only exceptions are:

London Holloway Road which are open during the following times: Monday to Friday 7:00am-11:00pm Saturday and Sunday 9:00am-10:00pm

London Acton which are open during the following times: 6:00am-12:00am 7 days per week

Edinburgh Ocean Terminal Pure Gym is closed from 5.00pm on the 24th December until 7:00am on 26th December. This is due to the Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre being closed during these times.


How old do I need to be to join PureGym?
To join PureGym you must be at least 18 years old.
Can I trial Pure Gym before joining?
Yes, you can purchase a one day or 3 day pass from our website. Due to the PIN entry system we don't offer a complimentary visit as we are unable to control this.
Can I delay the start of my membership?
Yes, you can delay your membership by up to 3 months from the day you join us to allow you to give notice on your current membership.
Will I be issued with a Pure Gym membership card?
No. You will be issued with a pin number that is unique to yourself which will enable you to gain access into the Pure Gym via a keypad at the entrance. This can also be used to access the Members Area of the web site.
Can I freeze my membership?
Yes, you can freeze your membership for £5.99 a month in the Members Area on our website. Your membership will be frozen immediately. To unfreeze your membership please return to the members area.

Please note that the maximum period that a membership can be frozen is three months. After this time your membership will automatically be unfrozen and your monthly direct debit payment returned to the normal payment.
Can I share or give my PIN number to somebody else to use?
Under no circumstances can you give or share your PIN number with anybody else as it is unique to you. To protect the interests and ensure the safety of our valued, paying members, offenders will have their membership cancelled. All members entering and exiting a Pure Gym are monitored by CCTV 24/7 to further enhance member safety and prevent PIN number abuse.
Will you put up the price of my membership?
If you join on a pre-opening offer you will get that membership rate for one year before it goes up to the usual price. Otherwise the full price of £18.99 (outside London) or £25.99 (inside London) is a price for life! This means we will never put the price of a full membership up, as long as you remain a member and do not cancel & rejoin!
I haven't received my pin yet?
All PIN numbers are generated on completion of the online joining service. On occasions this can be found in Spam or Junk mail. If in the unlikely event of a PIN not being received then please contact the club you have joined via e-mail in the 'Contact Us' section of the website
I don't have a DD account do we accept cash?
We don't offer a cash payment option, as the PIN number is linked to your direct debit.
How do I cancel my membership?
The cancellation process is extremely easy. All cancellations are processed immediately so no notice is required and this can be done by cancelling your direct debit. We also offer a freeze facility for £5.99 a month, which is much better value than cancelling & rejoining if you are going away for a few months.
In the members area it says I need a doctor's note? But I'm fine to exercise.
If you tick YES to a question on the PARQ questionnaire whilst joining, then you need a doctor's note before your PIN will be activated and you can use Pure Gym. This is to cover yourself in the event of an injury/illness whilst training. When you have spoken to your doctor and they are happy for you to exercise, please confirm this in the members area by ticking the box.
Can I pay upfront for 1 year?
Unfortunately this option is not available, as your PIN is linked to your DD payments.
What do I do if my pin doesn't work?
In the unlikely event of your PIN number not working please contact the gym by pressing the intercom at the front entrance of the gym, or if this is outside of staffed times, please contact the Gym Manager through the 'Contact Us' section of the website.
Do we offer student discount?
No we do not, as at Pure Gym, we believe all members should pay the same.
When does the first month's payment come out of my bank?
Your first payment will be processed 10 days after the joining process. This payment will include the joining fee and first month's payment. Future payments will be debited one month from the day of joining. If joining a pre-open club, the first payment will be linked to the opening day of the club. Remember, the option is available to change the direct debit payment date.

Facilities & Equipment

Does Pure Gym offer classes?
Of course! Pure Gym offers over 40 FREE classes per week including Spin, Circuits, Abs Blast, Kettle bells and many more... Some classes may be an additional charge if we need to get a specialised instructor to come and teach.
How do I book in for a class?
All classes are booked through the members area of the website, using your e-mail address and PIN number to login.
Are there changing facilities & lockers in each Pure Gym?
Yes, we provide high-powered showers, lockers and toilets. Hairdryers will also be provided. In the changing room dry areas we will also provide plug sockets. Lockers are secured with a padlock, which can be purchased from our vending machines.
Will I be shown how to use the equipment?
Yes, we provide a free half hour group induction given by a qualified trainer in which we will show you how to operate the equipment, should you require this. You can book this induction session when you join or via the Members area of the web site.
My gym hasn't opened yet - why do I have to pay before it opens?
Our special pre-opening offers have limited availability, so by paying now you guarantee yourself membership at the promotional rate. This covers your joining fee and your first month's membership. You pay nothing more until one month after the gym opens and you are not tied into a contract. After the initial payment you will then make no further payment until one month after the gym opens.
Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?
No. We have focussed on offering world class equipment at an affordable price, which has meant we have cut out unnecessary extras such a pool, sauna and fluffy towels. Why pay extra for facilities you don't use?
Will personal training be available?
Yes, this is available at an additional cost of approximately £25-£35 outside London & £35-£45 inside London per hour depending if it is part of a group booking, a series, or on a one-to-one basis, and on the experience of the Personal Trainer. You can contact the Personal Trainers directly at each Pure Gym or via the web site. Full details of each Personal Trainer are available on the Members Area.
Does Pure Gym offer Car Parking?
Due to their city centre locations, we do not offer car parking at the Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Birmingham City Centre, Belfast, Glasgow, Halifax, Leeds, London Oval and Manchester Spinningfields Pure Gyms. Nearby car parks are shown on the location maps which can be found on the individual Gym pages. Birmingham West, Wolverhampton, Warrington, Stoke and Sheffield Pure Gyms have free onsite parking & Southampton has a free car park right next door. FREE on site parking (maximum stay of 3 hours) is also available at the Manchester Urban Exchange Pure Gym.
Do you have WIFI access in the gyms?
To keep membership costs at a minimum we do not offer WIFI access for members.
Do members have to pay for a fitness programme?
Our Personal Trainers can write a personal fitness programme, tailor-made for your needs for just £15.
Do you have showers?
Yes, all of our changing rooms have powerful showers in separate cubicles. Unfortunately we do not provide shower gel or shampoo as we want to keep our membership costs as low as possible.
Do you have paper dispensers to wipe down equipment?
Our club rules state that members must carry their own sweat towel around at all times. Paper towels would not only be an additional expense but would also cause unnecessary waste.
How heavy are your free weights?
Our plates go up to the value of 25kg each, with a total value of 400kg. Dumbbells go up to 36kg.


Will I be safe at a Pure Gym?
Yes! Each Pure Gym will be monitored via extensive CCTV coverage 24/7 with direct links to Emergency Services, and staff will be available between 6am-10pm. Assistance call buttons will be located throughout the gym.
Is the Pure Gym website secure?
Yes, the membership application form on the website is secure. Any details will be fully encrypted and your Personal and Banking details will be kept private. Please refer to our privacy statement on the website for further details.