Sweating the alphabet, dancing the digits. Bokwa is an intense cardio workout combining elements of African Dance, capoeira, kickboxing, light-boxing and step. Bokwa is an infectious cardio dance craze. Great if your goal is Weight Loss or General Fitness

Good for: Weight Loss

Charity Cycle

Fancy getting fit as you raise money for charity? Then come along to our charity spin. You'll benefit and so will those in need - everyone wins!

Good for: Endurance, Cardio


Short on time but fancy a fab ab workout? Then this brief, intense class designed to perfect the perfect six pack is the class for you.

Good for: Tone Up

FAST Fat Burn

Short on time but fancy a fat burning workout? Then this brief, intense class has your name all over it. The mixture of all over body toning and CV moves will get your heart pumping and the fat shifting.

Good for: Weight Loss, Cardio


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