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Pure Gym offer over 40 FREE classes a week at each club, and we cater for all levels of fitness and experience! Led by our highly qualified fitness professionals, our classes are extremely motivational, and a great way to meet new people too!

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Whether you want to tone, lose weight, increase your fitness, or simply have fun - check out the classes we have on offer below! But make sure to book online in advance so you don't miss out!


A fusion of Latin and international rhythms and easy to follow moves. Ditch the workout and join the party! (A small charge is payable locally, due to it being taught by outside instructors.)

Pure Pilates

An exercise system that strengthens the core muscles, improving muscle tone and control, flexibility, co- ordination and postural alignment.

Pure Yoga

Experience mind and body connection through a series of physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation. Yoga can help reduce stress levels and improve overall health. (A small charge is payable locally, due to it being taught by outside instructors.)

Pure Yoga-Lates

If you can't decide between Pilates or Yoga then here's your answer. Chose both, half the class but double the results.

Pure Step & Tone

A combination class using the Reebok step to burn fat with toning exercises included to help you achieve the result you want. If you want to burn fat, tone up and get fit then this is the class for you.

Pure Swiss Ball

A total body toning class using the Swiss ball. A great workout, especially for that core.

Pure CV

A class using cardio vascular equipment including bikes, treadmills & steppers to get your heart racing. This class is designed to burn fat, increase your metabolism & get you fit.

Pure Crew

If you enjoy rowing you'll love this class. This is a class format but using the rowing machines. A great workout, especially for that upper body.

Pure Legs, Bums & Tums

Tone those areas we love to hate and learn a new variety of new exercises to tone and burn calories for your legs, bums & tums.

Pure Abs

The focus on this class is solely on your abdominals. Tone and burn fat and achieve perfect Abs.

Pure Tone

Tone those muscles you didn't even know you had during this all over body conditioning class. Boost your metabolism and get set to burn body fat.

Pure Circuit

Increase your metabolism and boost your fitness levels with this all over workout. Complete a structured and varied set of timed exercises all designed to maximise your workout and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Pure Spin (Advanced/Beginner)

Burn calories and increase your fitness levels. Get the benefits of this workout with this fun and motivational class. The brand new state of the art Livestrong bikes will also inform you of the distance completed, calories burned and your speed throughout. All levels of fitness catered for with beginner through to elite classes.

Pure Boxercise

Boxing related training is proven as one of the best fitness, toning and calorie burning classes around. Let our highly skilled trainers really boost your workout and take your training to the next level. Get ready to sweat!

Pure Combat

An aerobic based class using martial arts based moves to create flowing combinations and routines. This is a non – contact class. Fight your way to fitness!

Pure Boot Camp

Boot camp is open to anyone who is serious about fitness. This military style class will push your fitness boundaries, help you lose weight, tone and become stronger and fitter.

Pure Aerobics

A choreographed aerobic class using old school moves. A hi/lo impact class that is fun, energetic and will be sure to get your body moving.

Pure Salsa

An energetic, upbeat aerobic class based on salsa dance steps taught to pulsing Latin rhythms.

Pure Dance

The recipe for this fun aerobic class is the hottest dance steps around, choreographed to funky music. Pure dance is a great cardio workout.

NB – Unfortunately, not all classes are available at all gyms so please check out the individual gym pages to see the latest class timetables.