Ascent Trainer

Get that natural total body workout but with a slight twist... you can exercise on an incline making it a great progression from the Elliptical Trainer.

Good for:

Tone Up

Cross Trainer

The nations favourite! This is a simple piece of equipment, which gives you an engaging full body workout. It works your upper & lower body, whilst also engaging your core. Have you used this machine before? Why not try going backwards!

Hybrid Cycle

Do you find regular exercise bikes uncomfortable? You won't have that problem with this. Step-thru access means that if you have restricted movement with your lower body you'll still be able to use this machine and with the arm rests you feel like you're in your armchair at home!

Good for:


Indoor Cycle

Love your cycling, this is the closest you'll get to a road bike in the gym. With built in computer to give you workout feedback, means you'll be able to maintain your cycling fitness through the cold & icy winter months.

Good for:


Recumbent Cycle

This is great for people who require back support when training. There are numerous programmes available to ensure you stay motivated & achieve your health & fitness goals.

Good for:



A great machine to develop all around fitness. Start at a moderate pace, as it's so easy to tire yourself out. As the weeks go by increase the time, distance or pace to ensure your progressing.


Ever looked at a model and thought they had fantastic legs & bum? This is the machine that would have helped get that look. Make sure you have a good step depth and you'll get great shape & tone.


It wouldn't be quite right without out them! If you're lacking motivation or results then try one of the pre-programmed workouts or see one of our personal trainers to structure you an effective session.

Upright Cycle

So easy to use, adjust the seat height jump on and start pedalling towards a new you! See a member of the personal training team to help you make you bike workout fun!

Free weights

Adjustable Decline Bench

Use this for a decline bench press, this will help develop the lower part of the chest. Alternatively you'll find members using this for sit-ups.