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Our Equipment

At Pure Gym you'll find nothing less than the best. The equipment you see in our facilities is there because it works. We don't use fitness gimmicks or fads that deliver outrageous promises, just effective proven equipment.

We have everything you'd expect to find in a gym plus a few secret weapons! Like our Bodycore vibration platforms to help you accelerate you results, we've also looked back in time to see if there was anything to bring back, and so we give you Kettlebells.

All of our standard equipment is simple and easy to use; on our resistance machines you'll see basic instructions of how to set it up, muscles which it works and the movement pattern you should do. The cardio equipment is even easier, green button to go, red button to stop!

In our free weight areas you'll find loads of equipment to lift, from dumbbells, to Kettlebells, different accessory bars to target different muscle groups. Plus great space to complete your workout. You should never get bored!

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