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Power Plate

Photo of two people using Power Plates At Pure Gym, we avoid fitness gimmicks or fads that deliver outrageous promises. This is why we provide state of the art equipment that has been tried, tested and proven to be the best out there.

If you’re looking for a more intensive workout at Pure Gym, have a go at the Power Plates. They are designed to work with every muscle in your body, increasing their strength and flexibility, whilst improving your blood circulation.

The Power Plate surface moves a few millimetres, up to 50 times a second and accelerates to create a force by working with gravity. You will experience quicker workouts, as the whole body triggers more muscle fibres to engage during your exercise. This piece of equipment is set between 25 and 50Hz. If you want to stimulate your circulation or for a body massage, then a high setting is recommended, or if you want to use it for strength, balance and core training, then the setting should be set at a low level. The Power Plate is tailored for all your fitness needs and is an effective way to help achieve your goals.


Photo of woman using Power Plates Power Plates don’t just focus on your fitness regime, but also has a health and beauty side to it. The Power Plate can stimulate immediate increase in circulation, oxygenating the blood, improving the removal of toxins and help to reduce cellulite. A sustained long-term weight loss of up to 10% can also be achieved (with a balanced diet and regular training).

The Power Plate has the potential to increase bone mineral density and improve your muscle strength. This can have an immediate increase in blood flow, improving the body’s ability to transport oxygen, macro-micro nutrients around the body and dispersing waste products more efficiently.

Don’t worry, if you feel this piece of equipment to be too intense, it does have a softer side to it and at Pure Gym, we like to make sure that you’re also feeling relaxed. The Power Plate has also been designed to provide you with a relaxing massage that works on all the muscle groups in your body.

Many celebrities have known to use Power Plates as part of their fitness regime including Elle MacPherson, Sting, Colin Jackson and David James.

So why not join in on the Power Plate craze and talk to one of our Personal Trainers today to experience a full body workout over a short time span.