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Finding motivation to exercise. What’s your reason?


1 million members. 1 million reasons.

When it comes to making a step towards living a healthier lifestyle, motivation is a big factor in helping us make positive steps to improve our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

With motivation at an all-time high in January, we asked Sir Chris Hoy, our brand ambassador and 6-time Olympic champion, and our members to share us what motivates them to exercise.


Fitness still plays a massive role in my life still after competition.

When you stop being an athlete, I think physically and mentally you need to keep doing something.

I’ve gone from being very focused on elite performance, doing absolutely everything I can possibly do to be the very best that I can, to now just enjoying exercise for the sake it. Making it fit into my life. I enjoy keeping fit. My friends all do it so there’s a social reason behind it to.

My motivation to exercise is to purely feel better.

I didn’t really appreciate [the endorphins or dopamine release you get from exercise] when I was training all day everyday as an athlete. When you don’t have it, you miss it.


Alicia box jump puregym
The gym lets me release any anxious thoughts I may have.

Robert PureGym Member
I train hard to fight the ageing process. Mother nature doesn’t realise I’m winning. 


Nokuthaba kettlebell class puregym
I have gained more confidence with the way I look and have learnt to love myself even more.

Although the motivations behind why we train at the gym may be different, we all share this space, with a common goal: to feel and be better, and that’s what’s incredible. 1 million members are on their own journey working towards and smashing their fitness goals. A lot of amazing things happen as a part of being in this space. Let’s start 2019 on a high note and come and share your journey with us!

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