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Our fitness category is packed full of posts on fun workouts and useful tips to help you with your training so you can smash your fitness goals

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Can I run long distance in the gym?

Ask a running purist whether training on a treadmill is a fair substitute for real road work and he’ll tell you where to go. Although the reacti... Read more

The Outdoor Ball Workout

Our previous workouts have involved kettlebells, rowing machines and barbells but all you need for this routine is you and a ball! That's why it's ...Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Cable Machines

Have you ever walked into a gym, turned around to inspect the various wondrous devices before you, and noticed something that just seems to make no...Read more

PureGym Summer Sessions: The Pure Beach Workout

When you're away on a beach holiday, finding the motivation to workout in the hotel gym isn't easy - especially when there's a gorgeous beach of go...Read more