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Our fitness category is packed full of posts on fun workouts and useful tips to help you with your training so you can smash your fitness goals

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Train like X-Men – workout inspired by the movie X-Men Dark Phoenix

The much-awaited X-Men movie: Dark Phoenix is in UK cinemas on 5th June 2019. With less than a month away, we’ve put together 3 workouts for you to... Read more

Top 5 Core Exercises for Beginners

Forget endless crunches, here are 5 great exercise for beginners to strengthen your whole core.Read more

10 minute ab workout for men

We all love working out bigger body parts like our back and legs which is great and essential for building strength and muscle but when it comes to...Read more

10 Plank Variations for Well-Defined Abs

If planking is part of your regular routine consider mixing things up with plank variations. Similarly, if you find the standard plank isn’t doing ...Read more