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"Getting in a good workout sets you up for a productive day" - Matt


Hi, I'm Matt and I'm a University student at Manchester Met. I have been training at PureGym for 2 and a half years now after trying many other gyms. I like how PureGym is open plan and offers a friendly atmosphere to work out in.

I have always been a pretty small guy and lacked confidence, but since joining PureGym I have been able to build up my confidence and improve my lifestyle. Growing up I played Rugby League, but never to a very high standard. However, training hard and building up my confidence at PureGym has meant that I now compete at the top level of Rugby League in the North West. 

PureGym is an environment for everyone and offers me all I need to continue to improve. Playing as a back in Rugby League means strength and speed in vital. I usually focus my workouts around compound movements, such as deadlifts, squats and bench press. This allows me to build my overall physique and become stronger, so I am better equipped to compete in tackles during games. I also like to take advantage of the functional area and agility equipment to work on my speed. It always helps if I can chase down an opponent or more importantly run away from them!

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