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PureGym Insider Story: Monika


Hey, I'm Monika I am 27 and have been working for PureGym for 2 years. My story began as a Zumba instructor, running a few classes here and there, but now my passion is my full-time job and I love it. Being part of the fitness and lifestyle community is great and as a PureGym Insider I am here to share my thoughts to help you reach those all important goals.

Monika Chmielewska

We sat down with Monika and did a Q&A session to find out more about her fitness journey and what she enjoys about the gym. Read on to see what she shared with us.

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Where did it start?

I started my fitness journey as ZUMBA instructor and with my love for new challenges, I decided to  work towards getting fitness and personal training qualifications. Now I am working as a full time fitness coach and I enjoy every second of it!

What's your favourite workout in the gym?

I have tried various fitness programmes and I love mixing resistance training with cardio elements such as boxing & dance.

Are you strict with what you eat?

At the end of the day, you should enjoy what you're eating and follow your body because ultimately it will give you a healthy future. I personally believe that listening to your body is the best option you can choose regarding nutrition. Don't invest your time in popular diets, focus on educating yourself and nurturing your body. Although I do not follow any strict diets now I have tried them all; 1000kcal, keto diet, Intermittent Fasting - I've been there. What I learnt was have a HEALTHY BALANCE. I love eating loads of food but it is important that you get the right balance.


How do you find time for the gym and a socail life?

Fitting workouts into my schedule as well as being a full time Fitness Coach is challenging. Sometimes after 8 hours of teaching classes and running daily checks at the gym floor you just want to go home. You need to remind yourself WHY did you start working out in first place. I like to train hard and pushing my limits but even small workout is better than no workout!

What's your favourite gym wear brand?


I don't really have a stand out favourite brand, but I tend to wear Fabletics, MyProtein and Rebook clothing the majority of the time.

If you could give someone who is just starting their fitness journey 3 tips, what would they be?

  1. Just start and learn as you go along
  2. Try different classes/workout routines and choose the one you feel most comfortable with
  3. Buy new active wear, you wont believe how much it affects your workout
Monika PureGym functional area

Finally, what are the top 3 instagram accounts you love to follow?




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