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Eat well for less with our simple and healthy recipes. Explore our recipes from breakfast, lunch and dinner and try them out at home!

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Oven Baked Fish And Chips

Enjoy a piping hot home-cooked Fish and chips with this simple recipe. You don't need a deep fryer - you just need an oven, making cleaning up afte...

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Katsu Curry Recipe

Get your Wagamama katsu curry fix at home with this healthier version - don't worry, we've kept things super simple!Read more

Shakshuka Recipe

Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and we want to show you how. Today we’ve got a classic Shakshuka at only 87p per serving!Read more

Thai Red Chicken Curry Recipe

Fancy making your own restaurant standard Thai Red Chicken Curry at home? Give this mouth-watering recipe a try! It's packed with 46g of protein an...Read more