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Hydrate Naturally During Exercise


When it comes to hydration and exercise, one size does not fit all. Not all bodies have exactly the same hydration needs. But one thing is for sure, when we are hydrated we feel at our best: our muscles, heart and the brain work at their optimum. Being hydrated also keeps us cool when we need it the most.

So what happens during exercise?

Our muscles are working, the heart is pumping, our metabolism is producing energy. Sounds familiar? As a result of this, our body temperature rises and so we sweat to cool ourselves down. In fact, sweating is the body’s most efficient way of keeping us cool. This of course relies on a good supply of fluid – being hydrated when you start your exercise and staying hydrated during it. If hydration is limited then your brain, muscles and cardiovascular system may not work as well as they could.

Did you know?

Government dietary guidelines recommend 1.2 litres (6-8 glasses) of fluid per day- even more when you are exercising. Losing just 2% of your body weight through fluid results in mild dehydration. This can have negative effects on your wellbeing and make exercise more of a chore.

Keep hydrated during exercise

Having a glass or two of water or your favorite drink is all that it takes; and continuing to hydrate throughout by taking in small amounts (a couple of sips every 10 minutes or so) during your workout.  By being fully replenished you’re more likely to perform better in your workouts, and in turn, get better results and enjoy it. If you are exercising in hotter conditions or tend to sweat a lot, don’t forget you will need to replenish yourself more. On average people lose 0.5 – 1 L of fluids during just one hour of a workout, but this can double when exercising in heat.

Healthy alternative to water

Even though we all know that hydration is important, (after all around 70% of our body is water!) sometimes drinking lots of water can be dull and boring. All natural drinks which thirst your quench without the added sugars like coconut water have been a widely popular choice amongst the health conscious, but if fancy to tickle your taste buds with something different, or are looking for a lower calorie alternative, cactus water could be a great alternative for you. Made from the puree of the prickly pear which grows on the nopal cactus in the Sonaran Desert, True Nopal Cactus Water offers a tasty, low calorie alternative that is 100% natural, with no added sugar and contributes to your hydration levels.  It has a light fruity taste and contains half the calories of coconut water, and it’s also vegan-friendly too! Given the many benefits True Nopal Cactus Water provides, we think this could be a popular drink our members would like to have available in our gyms to supplement their active lifestyle. We now offer this product in vending machines in selected gyms across the country for a trial so keep an eye out for it next time you’re in the gym. For further details about the product, visit www.truenopal.co.uk.

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