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PureGym X boohoo Event


We all have those days where we’ve planned a workout session but our willpower to go just isn’t quite enough. What do you do on those days? Stylish and affordable gym gear might just be the trick to getting more workouts in, at least that’s what a lot of females have suggested!

We teamed up with boohoo to put their activewear range to the test with our PureGym Insider @sarahholdenfitness putting our inspiring female influencers of all shapes and sizes through a resistance band circuit session at PureGym Manchester Spinningfields.

Check out how the female influencers got on with their workout in the boohoo activewear collection in the video below! 

PureGym Boohoo collaboration active wear fashion female influencers puregym boohoo collaboration

“There was a great enthusiastic atmosphere at the event and the workout which was led by Sarah was a perfect balance of fitness and functional training targeting the area us girls always want to improve on – our glutes! It was lovely to share the experience with other female influencers as well as the very welcoming PureGym staff.


If I had one fitness tip I could share it would be: Never follow a generic plan. Always train for your goal regardless if you are training is different to others. Never feel insecure in a gym setting because you are there to better yourself. Always walk in the weights area with confidence – and don’t worry if people stare of look at you – they’re more focused on what they look like 9 times out of 10. Have an idea of what you want to train, get it done and you’ll reach your goals much quicker. - Hayley @hayleymadiganfitness

Puregym boohoo

“I loved the event. It was so much fun! Hope there’s more to come! My no.1 tip would be to push through – don’t give up! There will be days your mind will be telling you to not go to the gym because you can’t be bothered but it’s those days that often matter most – just go, you can do it!”

puregym boohoo

I thoroughly enjoyed the event put together by Pure Gym and boohoo - what a brilliant morning learning new techniques and meeting some inspiration women in fitness. Not only was the event a fun get together with other likeminded ladies who have an interest in fitness and health like myself, but also it let me explore a new workout regime I have slightly slipped from!


The circuits class was a great way to re-introduce myself to some workouts which are effective for me to do myself, and really work my glutes. The trainer, Sarah, put together a work out that was do-able for all levels of expertise, and she made it super fun! Teaming up with boohoo was great because their new active range is gorgeous! Stylish as well as wearable for the gym.

My top fitness/lifestyle tip: It's easy to get stuck in a fitness rut - I started to stick to just cardio last year and got totally stuck in what I'd call a 'boring' routine. I finally jazzed it up a little by trying out a few classes at Pure Gym which challenged me in different areas. For example, legs bums and tums got me back into doing squats and ab workouts - something I had let slip. The fact most classes are just 30 minutes means it's easy to take the chance and try something new!

In terms of lifestyle, a few 'things' that have worked for me to achieve a healthier mind and body lately is to put my phone on aeroplane mode an hour before going to bed. It means any late-night emails or messages can't affect my sleep. And when I pick my phone up (by habit) I soon notice I can't access anything without turning the mode off, which by that time I just leave it! I get much better sleep this way. - Emma @whatemma_did

“I loved the event! If you’re ever unsure of what to do in the gym and want to build your confidence, my top tip would be to watch fitness videos on Youtube to find inspiration of exercises and workouts you want to try, then try them in the gym.”

puregym boohoo

The event was a great opportunity for a group of us to come together to workout and share our stories - one thing that really came across was that all us are really passionate about promoting and embrace body positivity, which I think is really important in this day and age, particularly with social media.

@kaypuregym, PureGym Insider

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