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Pure Tone

Focus points:
Get a full body workout
Slim down and tone up
Increase stamina and energy
Exercise type
30-60 minutes
Approx. calories burned
Fitness level
All abilities welcome

Free with all memberships*

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What is Pure Tone?

If you're looking to give your body an all-over tone-up, this is the class for you. The exercises involve completing reps using a choice of weights and equipment and are designed to boost your metabolism and burn body fat. This class varies from week to week to keep your body on its toes and ensure you continue to condition your whole body.

What you need to know

  • Give yourself the freedom to move with lightweight, non-restrictive fitness clothing and non-slip, supportive trainers. We also recommend bringing a towel and water bottle so you can freshen up throughout.

    1. Arrive early to choose your equipment and workout space
    2. If it's your first time, let the instructor know so they can help as needed
    3. Don't compare yourself to others, simply concentrate on giving it 100%
    4. Don't clock watch! Focus on each exercise, not your watch!
    5. Wipe down your equipment at the end so it's ready for someone else
  • This class will give you an all-over body workout whilst also boosting your overall wellbeing. If your fitness tick list includes boosting your energy, increasing your stamina, relieving stress and, of course, toning up, this class has everything covered.

Using our studio equipment, we’ll be targeting a variety of different muscle groups at Pure Tone to help you sculpt your body and make you look like you have been carved from stone! No matter if it's your first time or 100th time, this class will make you go away feeling summer ready with our banging beats!

Dan Scott
Gym Manager at PureGym Edinburgh Quartermile
Dan Scott, Gym Manager at PureGym Edinburgh Quartermile

Book a Pure Tone class today

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