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Corporate Memberships

A solution for everyone.

Here at PureGym we want to be able to offer individuals and companies a gym option that is flexible, easy to set up and with no hidden clauses.

That's why we tell you from the start what our corporate packages are, no lengthy emails and no messing around!

We offer two payment methods, either by direct debit or by monthly invoice. You choose the option that works best for your business.

To set up a corporate package or to find out more please email us.

Find your nearest PureGym here.

*Corporate discount excludes pre-sale sites

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Corporate Gym Memberships

  • Our corporate plans allow businesses to offer PureGym memberships to their employees at a discounted price. All PureGym corporate partners enjoy access to 350+ gyms nationwide, flexible and low-cost gym membership options, and unlimited classes.  

  • We offer two corporate plans:

    1. Company benefit plan. Memberships and payment plans are owned and managed by the company, and the company has access to analytics and usage reports. Memberships can be fully or partly subsided by the company. This option includes added value extras such as free day passes for employees to trial the gym.
    2. Employee managed plan. Memberships and payment plans are managed by the employee. Employees can join via a link or promo code from the company.
  • When joining via a company benefit plan, members simply need to request the membership with their employer and we will switch the membership over.

    For employee managed plans, members will need to cancel their personal membership and rejoin using the company code or link.

  • Company benefit plans can be extended to family members at the discretion of the company.  

  • Any company can sign up for our corporate gym membership plans, and it is easy to get up and running – simply submit a request and customise your plan. We do require a minimum of 20 members per account.


  • Corporate gym memberships are discounted, so the monthly price will depend on the specific gym that is signed up for.