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Joining Process

  • You are required to be at least 16 years old.

  • Of course! Due to the PIN entry system to our gyms we can't offer complimentary visits but you can purchase a one-day, three-day or seven-day pass from our website. 

  • Yes, you can delay your membership by up to 3 months from the day you join by selecting "delay your start date" in the joining process.

  • Rather than a card, you'll get a unique PIN number that will give you access to the gym via a keypad. This same PIN number along with your email address can be used to access the Members Area of the website.

  • Your PIN number is automatically generated when you join and will be sent to you by SMS and email. If you don't receive it, check your spam or junk folders or contact Member Services on 0344 477 0005.

    Open Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

  • Because your PIN number is linked to your direct debit, we can't accept cash payments.  Full membership requires a direct debit to be set up using a UK bank account.  Fixed term passes can be purchased on line using a credit or debit card.

    We are unable to accept cash for any membership type.

  • You are required to agree to the health declaration as part of the joining process.  This is required to ensure you are safe to use the gym facilities.  Please consult your doctor if you are unsure.

  • We offer fixed term memberships at all our clubs, which can be paid for in advance by credit or debit card. Please select Day and Week passes to view options available. We currently offer a selection of Day passes and fixed term membership from 1 day to 12 months.  Please select Day and week passes in the joining process for available options.

  • Students can benefit from unique student offers by joining PureGym through the UNiDays www.puregym.com/students

    For Students who do not have access to the UNiDays site, but would like to purchase a fixed term membership by credit or debit card, please select Day and Week passes in the joining process to view the options available.

  • This guarantees you'll pay the low price, promotional rate. After this initial payment, which covers your joining fee and first month, you won't pay us another penny until one month after your gym opens.

  • We are unable to set up Direct Debits without a UK bank account however you can take advantage of the many Fixed Term packages we have on-line that can be purchased by debit or credit card.

  • On joining select the option for disabled access.  This will allow access through the main door.  Please speak to the Gym Manager in the first instance so we can talk through any emergency situations and advise on how the disabled access works.

  • We offer multi club access in all our gyms for a small supplement on your standard membership.  This will give you access to any club that has a price at the same or lower than your home club standard monthly price.  If you select access to a club at a higher price than your home club your membership price will increase to the highest club, plus the supplement for multi access. 

    To gain multi-access, just select the tick box in the joining process and choose your secondary club.  You will automatically gain access to all the clubs which are shown on your gym list on the joining page.

    We offer all PureGym club access for £42.99 (this does not include the LAX clubs).

    If you are wanting to upgrade your membership to include multi access or EXTRA, please call Member Services on 0344 477 0005.

    Member Services are open:

    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm


  • Yes, for up to 3 months from £5.99 to £20.00 a month depending on the club and your membership. You can freeze and unfreeze your membership by logging on to www.puregym.com using your email address and PIN number or by calling member Services on 0344 477 0005.

    Open hours:

    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

    When you unfreeze your membership, your first monthly payment may be slightly more or less than usual due to the system calculating a pro-rata amount for the days your membership was frozen.

  • No, it is important that you don't. To protect our members' interests and safety, entrances to our gyms are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. Any members found flouting this rule will have their membership cancelled.

  • If you join on a pre-opening offer you will get that membership rate for the time specified before it goes up to the usual price. Otherwise the price will be dependent on the club you are joining, see individual club pages for pricing details.

    From time to time we may need to increase the price of membership. We will give you at least 1 full months' notice of any incoming price increase and will make it very clear when the price increase will take effect and how much your membership will cost after the increase. During this period you will have your usual right to terminate your membership in accordance with the membership terms and conditions and rules. If you do not terminate the membership by the date given to you in the notice then the price of your membership will be increased in accordance with our notice.

  • You can upgrade your membership to include additional clubs or downgrade if you require single club access or off-peak membership by calling Member Services on 0344 477 0005. 

    Open Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm


  • Simply press the intercom at the gym entrance and someone will let you in. Alternatively call Member Services on 0344 477 0005.

    Opening hours:
    Monday – Sunday 8am - 10pm

  • The majority of our clubs are open 24 hours but some clubs have restricted opening times.  Please check the club pages on the website for opening times.

  • Most clubs are open over the Bank Holiday period as normal but please check the club pages on the website for confirmation. 

Payment Information

  • Changing your direct debit date shouldn't be a problem. You'll need to call our Member Services team to do this, but please ensure that you give us at least 3 days notice as the bank requires that for us to amend the dates.
    Tel: 0344 477 0005
    Email: member.services@puregym.com
    Opening hours:
    Monday – Sunday 8am – 10pm

  • Your first months payment and joining fee will be taken 5 working days after joining.  Monthly payments will continue to be taken on the same date every month i.e. if you join up on the 1st of the month all payments will continue to be taken on the 1st of each month.  If you have joined a club that is not yet open, further payments will not be taken until one month after the clubs opens.  If you wish to change the Direct Debit date, please call Member Services on 0344 477 0005.

    Opening hours:
    Monday – Sunday 8am - 10pm

  • To change your bank details, please call the Member Services team on:

    Tel: 0344 477 0005

    Monday – Sunday 8am - 10pm

    You'll need to give us around 1 weeks notice to change this as we need to let your bank know too.


  • Changing your direct debit date shouldn't be a problem after your first payment has been taken. You'll need to call Member Services to do this on 0344 477 0005 or email member.services@puregym.com. Please allow 3 working days to ensure to ensure the bank actions this on time.

    Member Service's Opening Times:
    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm


  • Don't worry, this happens!  You will receive a SMS and email message giving you details on how to pay on line or call Member Services on 0344 477 0005 to discuss all the options.

    Opening hours:
    Monday – Sunday 8am - 10pm

  • PureGym offer a range of fixed term memberships which can be purchased on-line with a debit/credit card.  Fixed term memberships up to 30 days are no-refundable and non-transferable.

    For fixed term memberships of 60 days or more we are able to offer a refund of 50% of the remaining credit on the account from the day you contact us. Please call Member Services on 0344 477 0005 to arrange this.


    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

    No refunds can be offered for any unused days on fixed term memberships.

Cancelling Membership

  • It couldn't be easier - just cancel your direct debit up to 3 working days before your next payment, to allow your bank to cancel the direct debit with sufficent time to stop the payment. And that's it!

    Don't forget, if you're going away for a while you can freeze your membership for up to 3 months from just £5.99 a month depending on your club.  

    Day passes of between 1 and 30 days are non refundable.

    If you are on a fixed term membership of 6,9 or 12 months we will refund 50% of any remaining membership.  Please call Member Services 0344 477 0005.

    Open Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

    We are unable to offer any refund for unused memberships.

Contact US

  • You can get in touch via the on-line Contact Us form on the website www.puregym.com or contact Member Services:

    Tel: 0344 477 0005
    Email: member.services@puregym.com
    Opening hours:
    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

Facilities & Equipment

  • Of course!  You can choose from over 50 free instructor led classes a week including Cycle, Circuits, Pure Abs and Kettle bells.  There may be a small charge for additional classes that require specialist instructors in some clubs.

    Off-peak memberships also include free classes but availability and choice will be reduced due to the restricted hours.

  • You can book classes in the members area of our website, on the touch screens in club or on our FREE iPhone and Android App. You'll just need your email address and pin number handy to log in.

    Classes can be booked 8 days in advance and you can book up to 8 classes at any one time.

    If you are an EXTRA member, up to 8 classes can be booked 14 days in advance.

  • Yes, and hairdryers and plug sockets. Please remember to bring a padlock for the lockers or you can purchase these from our vending machines.  Changing rooms close at 12 midnight and re-open at 5am on a morning but there are lockers available to use on the gym floor at all times.

  • Of course, you can book a free half hour induction via the members area of our website.  We recommend all members do this to ensure you know how to get the best results.  You can also speak to any of our Personal Trainers about one to one training sessions.

  • Our goal is to give you world class equipment at an affordable rate. That's why we've cut out facilities such as sauna's, steam rooms and pools you don't use so you can simply focus on your fitness.


  • Yes, if you're the type of person who likes being told what to do (!) you can book a competitively priced personal training session by speaking to a trainer when you next pop in to the gym. You can read the profiles of all PT's on the gym pages of our website.

  • Check out your club's page on the website to discover if you've got access to free parking or where the nearest pay and display is.  

    Where clubs use the parking facilities of retail parks, shared parking or private parking it is important that members follow the payment instructions laid out by the parking companies.  PureGym cannot take responsibility for parking fines.

  • The majority of clubs have O2 WiFi once inside the gym.  Select the O2 option and input your details to get FREE WiFi.


  • Yes the prices vary dependent on level of personalisation and detail, please speak to one of the trainers in your club today for pricing options.

  • Yes, all of our gyms have powerful showers in separate cubicles.

  • Paper towels are costly and cause unnecessary waste, so we ask that you carry a sweat towel at all times.

  • Our plates go up to 25kg each, with a total value of 400kg. Dumbbells range from a maximum of 36kg-50kg.

  • A few of our clubs do have ladies only areas and classes where there has been high demand for these facilities, please look at the class time table on the website or contact Member Services on 0344 477 0005, member.services@puregym.com for details at specific clubs.

    Member Services Open hours:

    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm



  • Yes, and it's linked directly to the emergency services. There is always a first aid trained member of the team in club.

  • Yes. Our application form is secure, your details will be encrypted and personal details will be kept private. To find out more, check out the privacy statement.

PureGym Extra

  • PureGym Extra is a membership that gives members additional benefits to our standard memberships. Please refer to each club on the website for the Extra membership price.  

    Extra benefits include:

    Bring a friend up to 4 times a month

    Book classes 14 days in advance

    FREE freezes

    Multi gym access

    PureGym Extra can be purchased through the joining process on line by selecting the Pay Monthly option. 

    If you wish to upgrade to Extra, please call Member Services on 0344 477 0005


    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm


  • There are four benefits of PureGym Extra:

    Early class booking - "Book your favourite class before anyone else"

    Bring a friend - "Train and enjoy classes together with a friend"

    Multi-site access"Get additional access to other PureGym clubs"

    Free freezes"Pause your membership for free, for up to 3 months"


  • PureGym Extra members can book classes up to 14 days in advance, rather than 8 days, helping secure your favourite classes and plan ahead.

    Advance class booking is available at all the clubs the member has access to and up to 8 classes can be booked at any one time.


  • Members will be able to bring a friend to train with them up to 4 times per calendar month. The friend will need to enter the gym after the member for the Friend PIN to work.  The Friend PIN will work up to 1 hour after the member’s PIN has been used and only in the member’s primary club.

    Your friend will be able to book classes to attend with the member, 8 days out through the website using their email address and Friend PIN number.

    Members wanting to make changes to their friend membership can do so by contacting Member Services on 0344 477 0005.


    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

    Please be aware that the Friend Pin will only be activated once the PureGym Extra member has used their pin and will allow 4 visits per calendar month to the members primary club only.

  • PureGym Extra member's will automatically get access to all clubs priced at the standard subscription rate and below i.e. if the standard rate is £18.99 and you select to pay £23.99 as an Extra member – you will have access to all clubs priced at £18.99 and below.

    If you would like access to higher priced clubs, please contact Member Services on 0344 477 0005 for an upgraded club rate and to arrange access.


    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

  • PureGym Extra members can freeze their membership for FREE for up to 3 months.

    Members will be able to FREE freeze by logging in to the Members Area of the website and select Freeze.

  • Members can call Member Services on 0344 477 0005 to upgrade their membership and the supplement will be advised at the time of upgrade.  A pro-rata payment may be added if the upgrade is added mid month.

    Member Services open:

    Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

Gift Vouchers

  • The gift of fitness is a great present to give so we offer Gift Vouchers that can be used to buy PureGym fixed term memberships and day passes.  Visit the Gift Voucher page for details and to purchase.  If you have already bought a Gift Voucher for someone you can download a PDF voucher to give to them.

    Monthly memberships cannot be purchased with Gift Vouchers.

  • The PureGym Gift Voucher can be used to buy Day Passes and Fixed Term Memberships.  They cannot be used to buy the Monthly Membership or to pay for a current membership.

  • Just enter your Voucher Code into the Payment step (Step 4) within the Join process. For full details see our Voucher Redemption page.