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Freezing or Ending

How do I freeze my membership?

We've made it really easy to freeze! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Head to your Member's Area
2. Select the "Your Profile" tile and then "Freeze or Cancel"
3. Follow the instructions to freeze your membership

You can freeze for up to 3 months within a 12 month period at a cost of £6.99 per month. The freeze will be applied from your payment date, so make sure it is added at least 3-4 working days before this date. If you are a PLUS member, you can freeze for free!

You can only freeze for a maximum of 3 months, over the course of a year (from your very first freeze!).

If you want to come back to us sooner, you can! You just need to log back into your Member's Area and unfreeze your membership. This may mean there is a small amount added on to your next payment to cover the days in the gym for the rest of that month.