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Are all gyms open 24 hours a day?

It's really important that we keep our members and staff safe and so to help us do this, we have temporarily reduced our opening hours and the majority of our gyms are not 24/7 at this current time.

As soon as we can safely increase our hours we will do so and have begun to extend the opening hours at a number of gyms. As the hours are updated, we will update each gym page with the new opening hours. You can check your gym page here.

Any gym operating 24 hours will maintain the high safety standards we have put in place. The gym will be deep cleaned through the night, cleaning stations will be available for use before and after using kit and social distance measures will still be in place. Our gyms are monitored by our CCTV team overnight and any safety issues can be flagged to the team via the Help Points who will ensure these are resolved. If you do use the gym during the night time hours, please ensure you follow the TrainSafe guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.

We know being able to use our gyms 24/7 is really important for many of our members and hope to be able to do so again as soon as possible.