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The reopening of your gym

About your membership

  • We have had to reduce gym opening times to ensure that we can keep everyone safe. As an off-peak member, this means that your off-peak hours will change and you can check your hours in your Member's Area.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and if you are wishing to use the gym during times your Off-Peak membership does not allow, you can upgrade to the Core membership in the Member's Area of the app or website. We will not be offering reduced rates due to restricted access.

  • You can still:

    • Access other PureGyms at the same price as yours.
    • Bring a guest to workout with you up to 4 times a month.
    • Freeze your membership for up to 3 months.
    • Get bigger discounts on sports and clothing brands.
    • Book classes 14 days in advance.
  • Yes, your Buddy can still visit up to 4 times a month at the same time as you, at your home gym. We ask that you practice social distancing when attending with your Buddy.

    Your Buddy will only have access to your home gym, if they want to attend a different gym you will either need to change your home club or they can set up their own membership.

  • Nothing, you can still access the gyms you could access before, please check in your Member's Area for a list of available gyms.

  • If you purchased PureGym Together, your membership has automatically been updated with the PureGym together benefits.