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Body Composition Scans

The quickest and easiest way to track your progress. Our fantastic body composition scanning machines allow you to set goals for your training and monitor your progress against them.

PureGym body composition scanners use the world's most accurate body composition technology. It is trusted by the NHS, leading universities, and Premier League and F1 racing teams.



  • Body Weight
  • BMI & BMR
  • Muscle and Fat Free Mass
  • Metabolic Age
  • Health Score
  • Bone Mass
  • Body Water

Wanto to keep track of your progress and make the most out of your workouts? Here's How:

Add as a bolt on

Bolt on for £3 a month

Add this as a bolt on to your membership for an extra £3 a month

Click the button below to add body composition scanners to your membership. You will be directed to the Members Area where you can manage your subscription to Bolt Ons. Simply select add ‘bodytrack' in the bolt ons section and click purchase.

Add as bolt on

Or upgrade to Plus

From £6 more a month to upgrade to Plus

Upgrade your membership to Plus from £6 a month and enjoy all of the below benefits:

  • Multi Gym Access
  • Buddy Access
  • Extended Class Booking
  • Unlimited Sports Water*
  • Hydro Massage Chairs*
  • Body Composition Scans*
  • Freeze up to 3 months

*available at selected gyms only

Go to 'manage your membership' in the members' area to upgrade to Plus.

Upgrade to plus

Body composition scanners are available at selected PureGyms. Please check if you're gym has Body composition scanner before upgrading to Extra or purchasing this Bolt On. Members can get one free trial for a limited time.