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Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

While reflecting on 2022’s performance, I am happy to report that the PureGym Group have made continuous progress on the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging agenda. Fairness and equality for our people remains an important focus area for myself and the leadership team.

In 2017 we started to action an improvement of the gender balance across the business and with positive additions of senior female professionals to the organisation, the balance improved steadily alongside the business performance.

In 2020 we progressed with Diversity Employee Networking groups, ensuring that key communities within our wider internal community felt represented and heard. The DIBs strategy has evolved and is in a renewal phase as 2023 begins – we believe it is critical to continually review and improve our priorities as the social landscape adjusts so frequently within the UK. Alongside our values, we have introduced the free-to-be ethos, ensuring all employees have heard the message that they are welcome and valued within our team.

Within our wider diversity agenda, gender balance and fairness remains a priority. Our ongoing commitment to enhanced maternity pay and family friendly policies has been in place since 2017, and in 2022 we introduced a menopause policy to provide support to those women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms at work.

At the end of 2022, 50% of the members of the management team who report to the Group CEO are female and it is this group of individuals who by working together determine the majority of the key business decisions in the Group. Within each of the main country-level senior management teams (in the UK, Denmark and Switzerland) 43% of the leadership teams are women. The UK business (by far the largest business unit) has a female Managing Director. Overall, while there is always more that we can and must do, we are proud of the balance between men and women across the leadership teams in the PureGym business.

We remain confident that we pay both men and women equally for equal value work. Our small gender pay gap is reflective of the fact that we have more men than women employed in the UK, and more men than women in mid-senior positions.

We will continue to focus on fairness, equal treatment to all our employees and on growing the business to provide more frequent and quality opportunities for our people to achieve their professional development goals. PureGym is a great place to work, and our mission to inspire healthier nations and provide facilities where Everybody’s Welcome keeps us driving forwards together.

Eve Sukhnandan, Group Chief People Officer


Eve Sukhnandan, Group Chief People Officer

Humphrey Cobbold, CEO

Humphrey Cobbold, CEO

Across the PureGym business in the UK, the total gender balance position on the reporting date in 2022 was:

  1. 1113 Female - 34.6%
  2. 2094 Male - 65.1%
  3. 7 Other - 0.2%
  4. 3214 Total

Gender pay gap is different to equal pay

Gender pay is the difference of the average pay for women compared to the average pay to men, reported
as a percentage of the difference.

Equal pay is the expectation that people earn the same for performing the same work of equal value.

PureGym Pay Gap

In 2020 and 2021 PureGym’s Pay Gap figures were impacted by the pandemic’s forced closures of gyms.
Many employees were not at work for long periods of time during the closures but remained within the ‘relevant group’ which is dictated by the government reporting guidelines.

In 2021 the Mean Pay Gap was 13.5%, and the Median Pay Gap was 5.5%.

In 2022, the Mean Pay Gap was 3.4% and the Median Pay Gap was 0.0%.

This pay gap improvement follows the ongoing drive to attracting and retaining great female talent, and
improvement in the number of females appointed to mid-senior and senior roles within the business.

PureGym pay quartiles

With more men in mid-senior roles, there are more men in the upper pay quartiles than women. This differential is reducing over time and will continue to improve as further opportunities arise with the organisation’s growth.

We can confirm a modest combined improvement in the two upper quartiles of 2.6% since 2021

Gender Bonus Pay Gap

Varied types of ‘irregular’ payments are included in the government reporting guidelines for ‘bonus payments’. We are confident that fair and equal treatment for bonus inclusion to men and women is in place.

In 2022, bonus was performance centric and linked to the role and position held in the business, with minimal ad-hoc or varied payments made through the period.

Overall, 23.9% of male employees received a bonus, and 23.3% of female employees received a bonus.

Using mean and median calculations, the gender pay gap for bonus payments shows the difference in the value paid to male and female employees.

The Mean Gender Pay Gap for Bonus was 23.8%. The Median Gender Pay Gap for Bonus was 7.1%