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Hollie Stinton

Here is a little insight about me and what I can do for you. My fitness journey began towards the end of school when I knew I needed to make a change for my own health and confidence. After 2 years attending the gym and changing my eating habits, I was able to lose a total of 5 stone. I quickly realised how much I enjoyed the process of achieving this goal but one thing I wish I had of invested in was a trainer and mentor to help me stay motivated and keep my spirits high during my journey.

As a personal trainer, I wanted to give back everything that I have learned in those years. I want to motivate and make training fun and a rewarding experience for all my clients. I want to be able to educate and guide my clients to live a healthier lifestyle and create better habits with nutrition.

I work mainly but not solely, the female population who want to lose weight, add muscle, find confidence or feel great within themselves and with those who just need the extra support and motivation.

I am here to listen to you and give you the most suitable program according to your own goals. I am here to push you and motivate you to achieve the physique you have always wanted. If you would like to find out more information on how I can support your fitness journey, then contact me via email or phone.

Specialist Areas

  • Body confidence
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Persistent motivation
  • Weight loss


Level 2 Fitness Instruction

Level 3 Personal Training