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Samantha Holmes

Hi I'm Sam 

Busy mum of 3 kids and a manager of a England Athletics Running and Walking club based in Basildon.

My journey in the fitness industry started 4 years ago, I was very over weight and physical and mentally not in a great place. I joined my local gym and started eating better and within 9 months lost 7 stone in weight. I also started my running journey too and have gone on to complete many 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.

Fitness and Running has really saved my life and career wise has changed it for the better, I'm became a Gym instructor and a England Athletics run leader 3 years ago as I really love helping people start their fitness journeys.

I know how hard it is for anyone new taking those first steps into the gym, but I also the struggle of trying to lose weight or stay on plan.

Sometimes you need a friendly face and a big high 5 to give you that confidence boost to believe in yourself that little bit more.

Hopefully I will be that person for you as you don't have to go it alone.

I'm currently training to become a Personal Trainer. 

Specialist Areas

  • Sport specific training


Level 2 Gym Instructor