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Vivien Barath


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Vivien Barath

As a mother of two, I know just how hard it can be to find the time, energy and determination to make that change to be a healthy, confident version of yourself. 

We are not made of stone, we can be carved to be anything we want with the right amount of determination and consistency. You can reach your full potential and go beyond what you thought was a limit.

Being fit and healthy is a mentality, not a look. The look is a side effect of the way you think. Change your thoughts and you will change your body. Don’t beat yourself up over your failures. You may fail. We all do. Use them as a means to learn about yourself and build yourself up stronger for the next challenge. Each time you break through those barriers, you become more confident in yourself. You’ve made another step in the right direction. You’ve made progress. You won.

This new mentality doesn’t just function in the health and fitness aspects of your life either. Those same concepts that you learn are applied to other areas of your life.

I will help improve your mindset and give you the extra motivation you need to achieve all of your goals. I bespoke my plans combining fun, HIIT, cardio and weightlifting to reduce stress and allow the body to come naturally into balance. 

I love seeing people transform their lives through their commitment. 

Together we will get the full benefit out of your journey, leading you to live a confident and healthier life, and achieve the physique you’ve always desired!

Specialist Areas

  • Bespoke plan
  • Body confidence
  • Body fat reduction
  • Functional specialist
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Postural correction
  • Pre and post natal
  • Sport specific training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weight loss


  • Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Nutrition and Health Advisor 
  • BA Hons Psychology
  • First Aid