Welcome to London Sydenham

Want to smash your goals in South London?

If you want access to the latest gym kit, more than fifty free gym classes each week and our fabulous Personal Training team, look no further than PureGym Sydenham. We’ll also be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so whether you're an early bird, a night owl or like to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break, we're ready when you are. We’re transforming the LA fitness club in Regent House Business Centre at 291 Kirkdale to ensure it contains absolutely everything you need to smash your health and fitness goals, including over 220 pieces of kit ranging from cardio and functional to free weights - perfect for any weight training exercises or programmes.

Fast track your fitness

Adding an element of fun to your workouts is a great way to stay motivated. Our large free weights area has everything you need to get a full body workout and is so much fun you won't realise you're working out. 

No gym contracts

We don't do contracts at PureGym Sydenham. We prefer to leave members in complete control of their fitness journey by offering contract-free memberships. 

Take the first step today

Whatever your goal might be, we’ll help you get there. And if you sign up today you’ll qualify for our limited pre-sale membership rate of just £19.99. To secure that money-saving deal select the club from the drop down menu on our joining page and enter your personal details.

What happens next?

When you join we'll collect your first month's payment and joining fee to guarantee you the cheaper pre-sale rate of £19.99, which we can only offer to a limited number of members on a first come, first served basis. You won't pay a penny more until one month after the gym opens and you’ve started working out.

We'll send you an email inviting you to come and look around, and a further email when the gym's open for you to use. So make sure your contact details are up-to-date so you don’t miss out on working out!

PureGym Sydenham Opening March 2016

Join online today for just £19.99 a month! Contract-free memberships, free gym classes and high spec gym kit.