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Group classes are a great way to try out different styles of training and inject some fun into your workouts in a friendly environment with instructors there to give your motivation a helping hand. We have classes for all abilities and goals, so why not give one a try.

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At PureGym, we're committed to providing a safe and welcoming place for everybody – you can train with confidence at the UK's favourite gym. Find out more about our TrainSafe Commitment

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★★★★★ Great Experience. First time there.

Had a great workout this afternoon. Equipment is spaced apart and clean. Wipes, paper towels, and antibacterial spray are located in each area for use. There is a wide selection of machines and staff were very helpful and showed that all hygienic measures were in place and being followed for everyone's safety and comfort. Rooms are spacious and temperature is kept cool.

Bangor Northern Ireland

★★★★★ Great gym with great staff

I'm so glad I joined PureGym rather than a different gym because the help and welcome I've received is unrivalled. The staff are always willing to help you, whether it's just showing you how something is done or simply filming a quick snippet of your workout. It's the staff that have made my gym experience so enjoyable and they've motivated me to stick with it. The range of classes is great - there's something for everyone and your always made to feel involved.


★★★★★ Easily accessible gym

I signed up and joined PureGym a few years ago with the one goal of making exercise part of my life. Since then I attend twice a week to work out with one of the personal trainers (Greg Small), he’s amazingly easy to work alongside, really motivating, whilst pushing you to improve. Recently I have taken on the couch to 5k which I’ve been completing on the treadmill. I find that this gym has all the equipment I need is easy to access and clean. I would highly recommend.

Southampton Central

★★★★★ Friendly staff, loads of equipment

I’ve been a member at London Finsbury Park PureGym for a year and a half now and I have seen great changes to the gym over this time. There’s sufficient gym equipment for everyone’s needs and a generous ladies only area that’s complete with treadmills, smith machine and hand weights. I like that the staff are really friendly, happy and helpful. They remember you from their classes and will make the effort to smile and talk to you after. The price is great too for the service you are getting.

London Finsbury Park

★★★★★ Friendly and accessible gym

I have been using this gym for 3 years and always enjoy coming - it's a very inclusive gym, you’re made to feel welcome and there is always someone to ask for help. The staff are very approachable and the other members friendly - there is no competitiveness during the classes or using the gym equipment. It’s a really great place to train!

Geranium 66

★★★★★ Best gym I've used

I signed up to the gym over a year ago but never really went as I didn’t know how to use anything . When I finally started to go the staff were always walking around helping others and always on hand to help. The facilities are amazing; loads of showers, clean ones and plenty of space and lockers in changing rooms. It’s a very friendly place and it also helps it’s 24 hours as I work till late and still manage to fit the gym in.


★★★★★ Great gym

I’m a member at PureGym Aberdeen Wellington Circle and have been for almost a year and I still love it! So glad I changed gyms to join PureGym as it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. The classes and equipment are all good! Plus it helps that majority of the PTs are friendly and helpful.

Aberdeen Wellington Circle


We welcome everybody regardless of gender, sexuality, size, age, ethnicity, or ability. Our gyms are friendly, supportive, and judgement-free spaces where everybody can come in, work out and leave feeling good.

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