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Managing Your Membership

From PINs to payments, make managing your membership easy

How does my Extra "Bring a Friend" membership work?

It's great to train with a friend and as part of an Extra membership you can take a friend to your home gym 4 times a month.  They will also be able to book on to your favorite classes through the Members Area using their own PIN.

If you have an Extra membership, adding your friend is easy ... go to the Members Area of the website, select the profile tab and follow the link to send details to your friend.

Your friend will receive the request by email and joining instructions.  They will then receive their own PIN and will have access to your home gym for up to 4 times a month.

Just a couple of things to remember ... you must use your PIN first on entering the gym to activate your friends PIN and the friend PIN will only work at your home gym, 4 times per calendar month.


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