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What's PureGym Together?

PureGym Together is a member loyalty plan, designed to support our members now and when we reopen our clubs.  By choosing PureGym Together you will get a range of great loyalty benefits when you’re back in the gym including a price guarantee for 12 months and it will be free to re-join if you need to leave and come back within 12 months and there is also a free upgrade to our premium Plus membership for 6 months!

You also get exclusive deals for home fitness equipment, priority delivery with MuscleFood and many more offers.


And by taking our PureGym Together plan, you will be supporting your gym by helping keep our PureGym Community strong, for our members and local gym teams.

Visit the main page here for full details

What options are there?

There are 2 payment options for you to choose from.  You can restart your full monthly membership and get all the benefits of Together and in return you’ll also get full national access for 12 months when we reopen!  You can choose to pay a lower monthly fee until your gym re-opens and get full access to the Together Plan.  

Of course, if you don’t choose PureGym Together you will remain on your frozen membership where you can still enjoy the free workouts on our App and on our Social channels and blog.

What happens to my existing membership?

If you select the ‘Restart Option’ your normal direct debut will be reinstated.  If you select the lower fee then your main membership will remain frozen and your new direct debit amount will just be for this new lower fee.  Your main membership will be ready for you to restart when we reopen your club.

How do I add on PureGym Together?

Simply log in to your members area and select the option that best suits you.  Any credit that is currently on your membership due to the closure of our gyms will be applied to your next payment so it may be a little lower.

When will I pay?

PureGym Together Plan fees will be charged on the same date as your usual Direct Debit fee on your main membership.

Why is my Together payment lower than I expected?

When we froze your main membership, any time you had remaining before your next payment was credited back to your membership.  This will be used toward your Together plan until the credit has been used up.  At this point your direct debit for the Together plan will commence.

Can I cancel PureGym Together?

Yes – we don’t think you will want to though! If you do, it’s a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.