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The reopening of your gym

Changes inside the gym

  • We are still offering use of lockers both in changing rooms and on the gym floor, use of these will be slightly restricted in order to ensure distancing between members.

    We ask that you do not bring a bag onto the gym floor.

  • Changing facilities are open in our gyms as normal along with showers and lockers. So you can still maintain social distancing, we have taken some of the lockers, sinks and hair dryers out of use, but there should still be plenty for everyone.

    If you can, we encourage people to change before coming to the gym.

  • Yes, but make sure it's only used on yourself!

    We ask that you do not use a sweat towel for cleaning down equipment, please use the cleaning wipes located around the gym before and after use, including to wipe down where you placed your towel. 

    We ask that members do not brings towels onto the gym floor in our gyms in Northern Ireland.

  • We will be providing members with cleaning equipment to clean down their equipment therefore we ask that you do not use your own personal towel to clean the equipment.

    We ask that members do not brings towels onto the gym floor in our gyms in Northern Ireland, or in Scotland.

    We will still be providing towels for PureGym South Kensington, London Aldgate and London Wall however please note these are for us in the changing rooms only and cannot be taken onto the gym floor. Towels must be put in the towel bin and not left lying around the changing room or on the floor.

  • Not just yet!

    We know lots of members enjoy training with each other and benefit from having a training partner.  At the moment however, as part of the government guidelines on social distancing, we ask that members do not train with each other directly, even if they share the same household. 

    We therefore ask that you stick to your own workout area and do not share equipment and also that members do not spot each other. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we will remove this temporary measure as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • Water fountains can only be use to fill a water bottle and not directly drunk from.

  • Yes, our hydration stations, Boditrax machines and massage beds will still be available and will be made safe, although in some gyms some massage chairs may be out of use dependant upon spacing. If you are a PLUS member or have a bolt-on you will still have this feature available to you. You will also be able to purchase additional bolt-ons in the Member's Area.

  • Yes, you will still be able to use vending machines and these have been made safe to use. We will not be accepting any cash payments - all vending machines are only taking contactless payments.

  • Some pieces of kit have been placed out of use to ensure social distancing during your workout. We have ensured that there is a sufficient amount of all different types of equipment so you can still do a full workout but there may just be a reduced number to ensure social distancing.

  • We will ask that members clean equipment before and after use using the products from the cleaning stations situated around around the gyms.

  • Our Gym Rules are clear that members must follow the measures in place to keep members safe. Staff have been trained to provide feedback to members to ensure they follow the rules and will ask members to leave if required.