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The reopening of your gym


  • Yes, our great classes are still running at most of our gyms. In a few of our gym we are unable to offer classes when we first open but we are working hard to bring classes back to all of our gyms.

    To keep members safe in our classes, we've made a few temporary changes; a reduction of class spaces and a limit to the timetable means members can keep a safe distance. Also, whilst we are getting our gyms back to normal classes are on a first come first served basis, but we hope to reintroduce booking soon.

    Please check your gym page on the app/website once your gym reopens for full details.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience the reduction in class timetable causes but we are not offering a reduction in membership rates as a result of this.

  • We’re trying to get classes back up and running for our members as soon as possible, but our team’s priority at this time is the safe running and cleaning of your gym. You can check if classes at your gym have restarted by visiting the timetable page on your gym’s homepage or in your Member’s Area.

  • We have removed the need to book for now. Class spaces operate on a first come first served basis therefore we recommend you get to the class in plenty of time.

    We will be reintroducing class booking soon.

    Only members who have a space in a clearly marked white box can take part in the class. Only one member can train in each white box.

  • The class capacities will vary by gym, please check your gym page on the app/website once your gym is reopen for full details.

    The studio has been marked out with white boxes to enable social distancing and the number of spaces is limited to the number of white boxes in the studio.

    For cycle classes, some bikes have been marked out of use; the number of bikes left in use is the number of spaces available in the class.

  • We will be reducing the class timetable and spaces so we can keep everyone safe, we therefore recommend that you attend the class as early as possible.

    We hope to start to increase availability when it is safe to do so. Class capacities will vary by size of studio and spaces operate on a first come first served basis.

  • No, there is no priority on class spaces as we will not be operating a class booking system.

  • For now the digital studios will be used with other gym equipment, so digital classes are not running. We hope to be back to normal as soon as it is safe to do so.