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The reopening of your gym

Freezing and cancelling

  • We understand that not everyone is ready to return to the gym just yet. That’s why you can freeze your membership for 1 or 2 months, just until you are ready. If you've already got a 1 month freeze in place, you can extend this to 2 months. We’ve made it really easy to freeze, please follow these steps;

    1.Log into Member’s Area

    2.Select ‘profile’ tab

    3.Scroll down to ‘FREEZE YOUR MEMBERSHIP’ and select

    4.Follow the instructions to freeze

    For gyms in Scotland, Wales and any gyms that are not yet open, you will be able to freeze your membership closer to when your gym reopens. We will be in touch shortly. 

  • We're sorry to hear you're wishing to cancel. We want you to know that safety is our No.1 priority and so we have made our gyms a safe place to train.

    If you aren't quite ready to come back, you can extend the freeze from 1 - 2 months on your membership via the Member's Area.

    If you do wish to go ahead and cancel your membership we have made this super simple! All you have to do is cancel your Direct Debit with your bank at least 3 - 4 working days before your next payment.