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The reopening of your gym

Getting into the gym

  • We want to keep you safe, so we want to ensure the gym never gets too busy. That is why we will be restricting the number of members in the gym. Before you visit, you can check the app to see the maximum capacity and how many people are currently there and expected busy periods. This will allow you to visit at a quieter time to enjoy your workout.

  • We will be reducing the number of people allowed in the gym to ensure everyone can stay at a safe distance. To ensure you can get in there are 2 things you can do before you go; check the app for busyness before you come & plan your visit at a quieter time - you'll find these on the app. As we will be reducing the number of people in the gym it may result in having to queue.

  • It's unlikely you'll have to queue but to be sure you can avoid busier times by checking the app. The app will let you know when the gym will be busy and how many how people are in the gym at that time.

  • We know how much you've been looking forward to getting back into the gym! We want all members to get a chance for a safe and a great workout so we are encouraging members to limit their visit to an hour at busier times. If the gym is particularly busy, you may get a SMS to let you know when you're nearing an hour, just as a little reminder.

  • We've made it even easier - all gyms have a new QR code scanner and you can access your unique QR code via the app. If you're not wanting to use the QR code, you can still use your key fob, or simply enter your PIN as usual. Don’t worry, all PIN pads now have hand sanitising gel next to them.

  • We have conducted a full risk assessment across the whole of our gyms including the PODs. These have been completed in line with government guidelines and with a team of medical and sport science experts. 

    Our entrance PODS have been assessed in relation to the time spent in a POD by a member, the time between different members entering, and the opening of both sets of doors which creates a full airflow between each use.

    We are taking mitigating actions possible and our protocols have been reviewed by SAGE representatives and approved. 

    We will continue to follow Government guidance.

  • The pin pads will be cleaned regularly as part of our 6 hourly cleans of the gym. We will ask that members sanitise their hands before and after using the PIN pads - hand sanitiser units have been placed both sides of the door access pods.

    QR Codes scanners will be fitted in most gyms and you can access with a KeyFob if you want to.

  • Every member has a unique QR code which you will soon be able to find when logged into the app. In most gyms we will have QR scanners available for use which will allow access once the code is scanned.

    You can also purchase key fobs via the PureGym shop and in the vending machines in the gym, these can then be linked to your membership and simply held against the PIN pad to allow entry. Both of these are contactless methods of entry into the gym.

  • Please check that you have an internet connection on your phone - the QR code is live, and changes every few minutes so you will need internet for this to work.

    Remember you can still use the PIN pads for access in and out of the gym - there's hand sanitisation stations on either side of the PODS.

  • We recommend that members download our PureGym App once we re-open our gyms.

    We currently support any devices that run Android 4.4 and higher, or iOS 9 or higher. Once we re-open our gyms, the app will be a really useful tool which will allow you to check the busyness of the gym before you attend; as we recommend that you attend at quieter times.