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The reopening of your gym

Keeping you safe in the gym

You can read in full about how we have redefined our cleaning and safety standards here.

  • It is not possible anywhere to totally elimiate the risk of infection however the measures in place will dramatically reduce the risk of infections within our gyms. For your own safety, please sanitise your hands when arriving at the gym and throughout your visit and avoid touching your face. 

    We have formed an advisory panel including Dr. David Lawrence and Professor Greg Whyte OBE to provide expert advice on the measures we are taking.

  • The gym, including all equipment, will be cleaned a minimum of every 3 hours to the NHS non clinical standards. The cleaning products used are of the same standard as anti-viral products used by the NHS. Whilst it is not possible anywhere to remove the risk of infection, the measures will dramatically minimise the risk of infections within gyms.

  • The government have confirmed that it is not compulsory to wear a face mask when you visit the gym, as there are many other measures already in place in the gym for safety and hygiene.

    If you want to do so, you can, but please ensure that all used masks are disposed of safely in one of the bins provided.

  • No, in line with government guideline staff will not be required to wear a mask while in the gym.

    However, for their own safety, we are mandating that staff wear a mask whilst cleaning the gym

  • Yes - if you wish to, but please ensure you do so safely;

    • To avoid the risk of bringing the virus into the gym, we ask that you put gloves on once you have entered the gym
    • Once removed, gloves should be carefully disposed of in the bin
    • If you are wearing gloves, we will ask that you clean kit before and after each use
    • It is still recommended that you avoid touching your hands and mouth, even when wearing gloves
  • Yes, to help keep members safe we will always have a team on hand to ensure the gym is clean and to support any members as required.

  • Every member has a unique QR code which can be found when logged into the app. In most gyms we will have QR scanners available for use which will allow access once the code is scanned. You can also purchase key fobs via the PureGym shop and in the vending machines in the gym, these can then be linked to your membership and simply held against the PIN pad to allow entry. Both of these are contactless methods of entry into the gym.

  • The equipment will be cleaned a minimum of every 3 hours to the NHS non clinical standards. 

    A full deep clean is conducted every night and members are provided with self-cleaning stations so they can clean kit before and after use.

  • We ask that you follow the guidelines laid our by the Government. We have the option of extending your free freeze for up to 6 months, you just need to get in touch with our Member Services team for them to put that in place for you.

  • We understand that some members may need a little extra assistance.

    If you have a disability that requires assisted training you will need to follow additional safety measures when being supported in the gym by an assistant or Personal Trainer;

    • Extra care should be taken on hand sanitising, before and after contact
    • The PT or member providing the assistance is required to wear a mask due to closer proximity
    • Where possible, once assistance is given, the PT or member providing this should remain 1m away
    • A maximum of one carer per member