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Tired of doing the same old workout, week in week out? Get inspired with our free workout videos

Put together by our Personal Trainers, these workouts will help you to build muscleburn fat, and improve your overall health and fitness. We have workouts suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to pro, and many of these workouts can be done at home or the gym. 

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Download PureGym on the App Store

Free workouts by bodypart

Whether you want to grow your glutes, build your biceps, or achieve a more toned, full body look, we've got you covered. Browse by body part, or explore all our free workout videos below.

Full body workouts

Full body workouts are great for building total body strength and fitness, while spending less time in the gym. Full body workouts also typically burn a higher number of calories than split body workouts.

HIIT Fat Burning (30 mins)

#1 Squats

#2 Mountain climbers

#3 Kettlebell swings

#4 Alternating Lunge

#5 Burpees

4 sets: 40 seconds on/ 20 seconds rest.

1 minute rest between sets.

20 minute full body blast

#1 Ground to overhead - 5 reps

#2 Push press - 7 reps

#3 Chest to floor plate burpee - 5 reps

#4 Dumbbell deadlift - 7 reps

#5 Front rack reverse lunge - 4 reps (per side)

Do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes.

Upper body workouts

Building upper body strength has so many benefits, from improving your posture, to helping you lift heavy items. Focusing on upper body in a single session is a great way to build strength and mass in your back, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Beginners arms

#1 Overhead tricep extensions

#2 Single arm curls with dumbbells

#3 Shoulder press with dumbbells

#4 Push up from knees

#5 Floor press

Intermediate arms

#1 Wide grip push up

#2 Double arm curls with dumbbells

#3 Tricep push ups

#4 Floor press

#5 Skull crushers

Upper Body Strengthen and Sculpt (25 mins)

#1 Renegade row

#2 Plank to shoulder press

#3 Chest press

#4 Bent over row

#5 Arnold press

12-15 reps of each exercise. 4 sets/1min rest in between sets.

Lower body workouts

Strong legs are the foundation for a strong, healthy body. Lower body strength training can improve your circulatory health, as well as balance, posture, speed, and power.

If you want to build bigger legs, try these lower body workouts. We've combined compound and isolation exercises to really work your calves, hamstrings, and quads.

Beginners legs

#1 Bodyweight squat

#2 Reverse lunge

#3 Glute bridge

#4 Goblet squat

#5 Kettlebell swings

Intermediate legs

#1 Barbell front squat

#2 Weighted lunge

#3 Weighted glute bridge

#4 Stiff leg deadlift

#5 Barbell pulse squats

Strong Lean Legs (25 mins)

#1 Squats

#2 Overhead lunge

#3 Romanian deadlift

#4 Side squats

#5 Goblet squats

12-15 Reps of each exercise. 4 sets. 1 minute rest between sets.

Beginner dumbbell leg workout

#1 Tempo Squats - 12 reps

#2 Reverse Lunge - 10 reps each side

#3 Step Ups - 10 reps each side

#4 Glute Bridge - 12 reps

#5 Hamstring Step Outs - 30 secs

Complete 3-4 sets of each action and rest for 45 seconds between sets.

Glute workouts

Having strong glutes is essential for improving overall lower body strength and fitness but also for everyday function. If you are sitting down for the majority of your day, your glute muscles can switch off and not work as optimally as they should be, which can result in tight hip flexors. 

Try our free workout below to tone your lower body with this workout which mainly targets your glutes - one of the biggest muscles in your body. 

Gear Up Your Glutes (28 mins)

#1 Glute bridge

#2 Step up

#3 Split lunge with step

#4 Curtsy lunge

#5 Pylo squat

4 sets. 1 minute rest between sets.

Core workouts

Core strength is often overlooked, but it plays a huge part in how stable, balanced, and powerful your body is. A strong core also helps to protect against back pain, poor posture, pelvis and hip issues.

Beginners abs

#1 Ab bikes

#2 Mountain climbers

#3 Leg raises

#4 Plank from knees

#5 Sit up touching knees

Intermediate abs

#1 Full plank

#2 Russian twists

#3 Toe touches with legs raised

#4 Pulse sit ups

#5 Swiss ball circles

Advanced abs

#1 Side plank

#2 Plank knee to elbow

#3 V sit ups

#4 Arch hold

#5 Swiss ball pike

Buddy Up to Ab-solutely Nail Those Abs (28 mins)

#1 Plank clap

#2 Russian twists

#3 Medicine ball crunch

#4 Side plank rotations

#5 Slow climber - crunch

#6 Rowing/oblique crunch

12-15 reps of each exercise. 4 sets/1min rest between each set.

Cardio and HIIT workouts

Torch calories and burn fat with these total body HIIT workouts. HIIT workouts elevate your heart and improves your cardiovascular endurance, and can also help to improve muscle tone - all in a shorter space of time!

HIIT for beginners

#1 Bodyweight squat

#2 Mountain climbers

#3 Push up from knees

#4 Stiff leg deadlift

#5 Plank from knees

HIIT for intermediate

#1 Squat jumps

#2 Wide grip push ups

#3 Broad jumps

#4 Floor press

#5 Plank knee to elbow

HIIT for advanced

#1 Burpees

#2 Triceps push ups

#3 Jumping lunges

#4 Barbell front squat

#5 Plank to press up

HIIT Fat Burning (30 mins)

#1 Squats

#2 Mountain climbers

#3 Kettlebell swings

#4 Alternating Lunge

#5 Burpees

4 sets: 40 seconds on/ 20 seconds rest. 1 minute rest between sets.

If you’re not sure whether a work out is suitable for you, please consult your doctor before you start it. If you're unsure of how to perform any of the above exercises, please ask help from a PT at your gym.