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Marathons & Half Marathon Plans

So, you've signed up for a half marathon or marathon and now you need to start your training plan. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered - check out the articles below to ensure you're fully prepared for your big run.

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Marathon Ready: What are Running Gels and Will They Help?

With summer, and therefore marathon season, approaching, a lot of you will be dusting off your old trainers and searching Google Maps for the best ...

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Can I run long distance in the gym?

Ask a running purist whether training on a treadmill is a fair substitute for real road work and he’ll tell you where to go. Although the reacti...Read more

Get Great North Run Ready

It’s almost time for the Great North Run 2017, the world’s largest half marathon. The run takes place on the 10th of September between Newcastle up...Read more

Training for a Marathon: what you need to know

Running a marathon is one of those benchmark fitness challenges which can leave you feeling like a genuine superhuman. The thing is, though, tha...Read more

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