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Burn It

Fitness level:
All abilities
30-60 minutes

Spending as much time as possible in your optimum training zone for burning calories and fat, this session focusses on using only your bodyweight in varying styles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) including Tabata (eight rounds of 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off intervals). Expect to see side effects such as burning more calories for longer after your workout and generally feeling awesome! Great if you’re looking to shape up, trim down and seriously boost your fitness levels.

Fat Burn

Fitness & Endurance

Full Body


It’s so easy to book classes on the PureGym App or on our website by simply selecting your chosen gym, viewing the class timetable and finding a class and time that suits you!

If you are new to classes, let your instructor know when you arrive, and they will help you get started – all of our classes cater for all abilities, so you can work at your own pace.


Come dressed in comfortable, breathable non-restrictive clothing – remember, our classes will get you moving! Don’t forget to bring a towel to freshen up and a water bottle to hydrate (we have water fountains in every gym to refill any reusable water bottle).

Burn it



"I like the classes because they mix it up each time so it doesn’t become a repetitive workout and it keeps it interesting. I’d tell my friends not to be worried about going to Burn It if you’ve never been before, there’s beginners and intermediate levels - you can work your way up from the bottom to the top."

Hayley S.



“I love teaching Burn It because you can demonstrate a fantastic workout using just your own bodyweight. It’s as tough as you make it, depending on how much you challenge yourself and it’s great fun working with a partner.”

John Young

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Start by finding your nearest gym, complete the joining process and book Burn It via the class timetable tab on your member dashboard