Pure Gym Limited
  1. More members choose PureGym than any other gym brand in the UK.
    As of August 2019, PureGym had a Membership base of 1,095,397 and is selling gym memberships across over 250 gyms across the UK. See breakdown of other brands in the industry.
  2. The evidence provided below to substantiate this 'favourite' claim has been collated from a third-party research company, The Leisure Database Company (Leisure DB) which is a leading independent specialist in the leisure sector, providing key market intelligence and analysis across the fitness industry. Established over 30 years ago, the company works with a wide range of fitness operators, suppliers, consultants and investors in a variety of different ways.
  3. Leisure DB's website can be accessed via leisuredb.com /
  4. The most recently published data on the industry can be found on the following link and confirms that PureGym has more members and more gyms than any other gym brand by a considerable degree: leisuredb.com/publications
  5. Please see chart extracted from the above report:
Top Gym Operators

     Source: The State of the Fitness Industry Report 2019

2021 Updated Data;

  1. To provide a more recent update on this, we can confirm that as of 9th August 2021 PureGym has a membership number of 1,146,376 and 286 gyms in the UK, which confirms that PureGym remains the leading gym operator in the UK.
  2. PureGym's nearest competitor and second leading gym chain, The Gym Group, has significantly less with 729,000 members and 187 gyms in the UK as of 24th May 2021. This can be verified on their website here: https://www.tggplc.com/news-media/press-releases/2021/may-2021/trading-update
  3. Since August 2021 when PureGym had 286 gyms, as of December 2021 we now have an additional 14 gyms bringing the total to 300 gyms in the UK.