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Here, you'll discover what's new in the fitness world, including the latest views on nutrition and sports supplements as well as little known tips and secrets that will help fast track your success.

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Latest post

The Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is a sport of contrasts. On one hand, training for it is one of the best ways of getting your body in a peak physical state and improving yo... Read more

“The gym is my haven and the place where I’m most confident and feel at most ease to be my real self.”- Doreen

Before I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I had never thought of stepping into a gym. I was overweight (22 stone), had low self-esteem and spent ...Read more

The Pasta Dilemma: Friend or Foe?

Pasta, though undeniably delicious, tends to get a pretty bad rap with today’s fitness crowd. It tends to be particularly unpopular with serious di...Read more

How to fuel your body

Putting the right food into our bodies positively impacts energy levels, brain power, and long-term health. Our bodies and brains need a steady, su...Read more