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3 functional moves to add to your workout routine


We asked one of our members to share with you their favourite exercises in the gym. Marsha trains at Manchester Spinningfields after doing Aikido for many years and her motivation lies with trying to keep up with the younger generation. See what Marsha's favourite exercise are below.

Box Jumps - 10-15 Reps

I really like box jumps mostly because it is one of the hardest exercises for me, especially on the big box it takes a lot of effort. When doing box jumps I feel like my whole body is working and you feel like you get a really good workout in a short space of time.

Start with your feet shoulder width apart, bend into into a half squat swinging your arms back. Generating momentum swinging your arms forward explode up off the ground landing on the box. As you land try to keep your knees straight and soft. 

Kettlebell Swings - 20 Reps

Kettlebell swing

I like doing kettlebell swings because it involves coordination and uses your entire body. The exercise uses a crazy amount of muscles in a single exercise from your core to your legs, shoulders and back. Not only will it help increase your endurance and strength, it is a great way to burn calories and tone.

For the kettlebell swing start off by placing the kettlebell between your feet, which should be shoulder width apart. Bending at the hips and knee pull the kettlebell back between your legs before driving the hips forward to bring the kettlebell up to shoulder height. Keeping control of the movement return to the start position and repeat.

Reverse Crunch - 15 Reps

Reverse crunch

I really like the reverse crunch and it's great for working abs. It also has a really nice flow, where you are controlling your entire body through the movement. A lot of people don't like this exercise or forget about training abs, but I think they are a great way to build a strong core.

Lie on on you back with your upper body flat to the mat and your arms by your sides for support. Curl your legs up towards your chest until your hips are off the mat. Keeping the core lower the legs slowly and repeat. 

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