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Healthy Mexican Recipes

From weekday meal prep to themed dinner parties, you can't beat Mexican food. Browse our healthy Mexican recipes for your next meal!

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Mexican Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Wondering what to add to your meal plan this week? This Mexican Turkey Stuffed Peppers recipe has you covered! It’s got all your favourite Mexic...

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Mexican Bean Lasagne Recipe

Swap your Taco Tuesday night in with this Mexican bean lasagne for a change! This recipe is layered with tortilla wraps in place of pasta sheets, v...Read more

Chicken Burrito Bowl Recipe

Make your own burrito bowl at home with this simple recipe. Watch the video to see how to make this step-by-step.Read more

Sweet potato fajita recipe

Looking for a easy veggie meal to make? Try this sweet potato fajita tray bake meal for lunch or supper.Read more

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