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Ready to discover what ZUU can do for you?

ZUU is the world’s No.1 bodyweight training programme…and you can now do it at PureGym. If you’re keen to build lean muscle, burn body fat and fast track your goals, ZUU is for you. Courses start from Monday 14th May

The ZUU Logo

Considered the gold standard in High Intensity Low Impact training, each workout is adapted to your fitness level to physically and mentally test your limits.

Used in elite sports and armed forces and accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine USA, ZUU bodyweight training will strengthen your aerobic and cardio system in one time-effective workout.

So if you’re keen to increase your mobility to improve quality of life, book your place today. Next course starts Monday 18th June.

4 x 60 minute classes for £20. 4 x 30 minute classes for £15.

ZUU Culture is so powerful because it’s based on ZUU philosophy which addresses the basic needs of human health and wellness besides fitness, that of belonging and being supported.

Each workout is adapted to your fitness level and can help:

  • Burn body fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Increase mobility
  • Fast track your goals


Fast-track your health and fitness goals today. You’ll be amazed what ZUU can do for you.

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To secure your place

Book into our ZUU courses via our website following the steps below:

  • Enter your postcode into the gym finder below
  • Find the gym where you would like to take the course
  • Choose the ‘Courses’ page and select ZUU
  • Make a one-off payment and we’ll confirm your course booking via email*, it’s that simple!

*As a non-member your PIN will give you access to the gym during class course times, however, you can join in the gym at any time during the course by calling Member Services on 03444 770 005

Find your gym

“Movement is for life, every adventure in life needs your best body. ZUU is educating and inspiring humans around the world to value movement again.”

Nathan Helberg - Creator of The ZUU

Nathan Helberg - Creator of The ZUU

This course is currently available at the following PureGyms: Glasgow Bath Street and Gloucester Retail Park.