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Fuel your workout with Yanga water

Not drinking enough water can have a major effect on your performance.† If you're dehydrated, your quality of exercise will decrease. You can now stay hydrated during your workouts with Yanga water to perform better, get better results and enjoy your workouts. Add Yanga water as a bolt-on for just £4 extra per month to your membership and enjoy the following:

Click the button below to add Yanga water to your membership from just £4 extra per month. You'll be directed to the Members Area where you can manage your subscription to Bolt Ons. Simple select add ‘Yanga water’ in the bolt ons section and click purchase.

Make sure to check if your gym currently stocks Yanga water. We currently have sports water in the following gyms: Banbury, Spinningfields, Liverpool Central, Southampton Bitterne, Aldgate and Hammersmith. If you are on a fixed term membership, please call Member Services at 0344 477 0005 to add this bolt on to your membership.