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Maymah's Legs and Glute Workout


Build stronger legs and glutes in the gym with this muscle-building lower body workout consisting of 4 exercises.

Make sure to warm up properly before going into the workout.

Some warm up exercises you may wish to try include: going on an exercise bike for a few minutes, performing leg swings, bodyweight squats and groiners.

Created in collaboration with PureGym’s Harley Booth, Fitness Expert.


REPS: 8 SETS: 3-4 REST: 2 mins

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and the bar on your upper back. Look straight ahead and take a deep breath in and tighten your ab muscles. Then bend your knees and sink your hips back while lowering your hips towards the floor until it sinks just below the knees. Pause. Drive your hips up to return to the starting position. Keep your back straight at all times.

You can perform this move at a squat rack or on the lifting platform in our gyms.


REPS: 8 SETS: 3-4 REST: 2 mins

Place feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Grip the bar. Engage your lats and hinge at the hips. Drive your legs up to standing position. Slowly lower the bar back to the floor. Keep the bar close to your body and keep your back straight.


REPS: 8 SETS: 2-4 REST: 2 mins

Sit on the ground with a bench or plyo box behind you, bending your knees so your feet are planted on the floor. Rest barbell above your hips with hands on the bar. Lean back so the top of your shoulders are on the bench. Drive hips up to lift the bar up and squeeze your glutes. Your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Slowly lower you hips back to starting position.


REPS: 8-15  SETS: 2-3 REST: 1 min

Anchor your feet on the hyperextension machine with feet pointed outwards. Fold chest forward, facing the floor. Cross arms in front of your chest and tuck your chin to your chest. Squeeze your glutes to lift your torso up. Pause. Slowly lower your torso back to starting position.

Remember to cool down properly after you complete this workout.

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