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How to make friends in the gym


Having a gym buddy is really motivational but also it can help you enjoy the gym more. Working out then doesn’t become a chore as you’re able to have fun whilst training, push each other, and even try things you wouldn’t do on your own. If you’re training alone and want to look for someone to train with in the gym, here are some top tips from PureGym Insider @emilypuregym

Be approachable. When you’re in the gym it’s quite easy to have your headphones in and doing your own thing, which is fine if you solely want to focus on your training. But when it comes to making friends, this can stop people from approaching you as much.

Don’t be afraid to the start the conversation. For example, I found someone in the gym but didn't find it was the right time to talk to them so I found that person on Instagram and  sent a message asking about their training and tips. Now we train together and always share tips to help each other.

Find someone who looks to have the same fitness ability as you. While it’s great to approach people you aspire to and ask for fitness advice, if you’re looking for a friend to train with regularly, finding someone who has the same goals and fitness ability as you can go on the journey together.

Try to build a relationship outside the gym. Whilst hanging out with your gym buddy whilst training is great that’s not to say you can’t enjoy time outside the gym. As every avid gym goer knows, recovery sessions are as important as the workouts. So once you've finished a workout out with your friend, keep the socialising going. I have friends who have met in the gym by complimenting each others calfs (laugh) and three weeks later ended up going on holiday to ibiza together because they have clicked instantly.

If you’re looking for a gym buddy in any of our gyms, tell us which gym you’re training at and what your goals are and hopefully we start finding someone to train with you!

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