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Landmine Press

What Is A Single Arm Landmine Press?

How To Do A Single Arm Press

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The single arm landmine press uses the landmine attachment to load the deltoids, triceps, traps, and core. The landmine attachment is fixed to the floor and can rotate 360 degrees while providing a more fixed bar path. This aids stability and helps to ensure better form.

Most people will find this variation easier than a shoulder press with free weights, and it is a great option for those with limited mobility, or who struggle keeping free weights stable. As a unilateral exercise, it also allows for the shoulders to be challenged individually, reducing muscular imbalance and minimising injury risk.

This exercise can be performed in a standing or kneeling position, with one leg bent and the opposing arm pushing the barbell.

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Commonly Asked Questions On Single Arm Landmine Press

What Muscles Does The Single Arm Landmine Press Work?

The single arm landmine press challenges the deltoids, as well as targeting the triceps, traps, and obliques. The core is also challenged to keep the body in a stable position and prevent the torso from twisting.

The single arm element of this exercise means that the shoulders are challenged unilaterally, aiding the performer to address any muscular imbalances.

Does Landmine Press Work Chest Or Shoulders?

The single arm landmine press primarily works the shoulders, however it's likely that there is some engagement from the upper chest. If you want to work your chest, the bilateral landmine chest press uses both arms and the set up targets the pecs more.

How Much Should I Single Arm Landmine Press?

The single arm landmine press is a challenging move and how much you can press will depend on your weight training experience and strength levels. The weight of most Olympic bars that will be used in the landmine attachment are 20kg, however you can get smaller versions that are lighter at 13kg.

We’d advise starting with just the barbell first before adding weight plates to the end of the bar. Always remember to choose a weight that challenges you but also one that you can maintain form with. Choose a weight and rep range that leaves you with 2-3 reps in reserve!

Single Arm Landmine Press Tips

The single arm landmine press engages the core muscles, with the obliques in particular requires to prevent the torso twisting. If you are struggling to maintain a straight torso, reduce the load or improve the strength of your obliques by incorporating exercises such as the pallof press.

The single arm landmine press allows for greater power to be generated, making this exercise an ideal addition to a strength or a HIIT workout.

How To Do A Single Arm Landmine Press

  1. Attach a barbell to a landmine attachment and load the free end of the bar with weight plates.

  2. Pick the barbell up and hold it with the working hand. If you’re standing, you should position the foot opposite this hand in front. If kneeling, hold the barbell in the hand opposite to the leg with the foot flat on ground and knee bent.

  3. Hold the barbell in front of the working shoulder and ensure to tuck the elbow in throughout the movement. Start the movement by pushing through your shoulder to extend your arm, pressing until it’s fully extended.

  4. Lower the barbell making sure you keep your elbow tucked in, rather than allowing them to flare outwards. Ensure to lower the barbell until it is nearly touching or just below the front of your shoulder.

  5. Complete the set by performing the same number of reps on the other side. 

If you’re not sure if any of the above exercises are suitable for you, please consult your doctor before you start it. Need guidance on how to perform the exercise? Ask a personal trainer at your gym.