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Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns

What Is A Straight Arm Lat Pulldown?

How To Do A Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

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The straight arm lat pulldown is a variation of the lat pulldown where the arms remain straight throughout the movement. This shifts the tension away from the biceps and isolates the back muscles more effectively. In particular, the latissimus dorsi, rear deltoids, rhomboids, and lower traps are worked, with the core also engaged to keep the torso still.

Straight arm lat pulldowns are excellent for building back strength and improving shoulder stability, especially in the rotator cuffs. Over time, strengthening these muscles can help with posture and pulling power.

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Commonly Asked Questions On Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns

What Do Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns Work?

Straight arm lat pulldowns work the lats, rear delts, and rotator cuffs, with further engagement from the core to keep the torso stable. This is a great exercise for building back strength and improving shoulder stability.

Are Straight Arm Pulldowns Worth It?

Straight arm lat pulldowns are a worthwhile exercise for anyone wanting to strengthen the back and improve strength and stability in the rotator cuffs for stronger shoulders and improved posture.

Do Straight Arm Pulldowns Work Lower Lats?

While they can contribute to some strength in the lower lats, straight arm lat pulldowns work more on the upper portion of the lats. If you want to specifically target the lower lats, incorporate exercises that involve elbow flexion such as wide grip lat pulldowns, pull ups, and rows.

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown Tips

When performing straight arm lat pulldowns, focus on using the back muscles to pull the bar rather than swinging your arms. Keep the torso stable and squeeze the lats to drive the movement. If you’re unable to perform straight arm pulldowns with control, drop the weight.

How To Do A Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

  1. Stand facing a cable machine or lat pulldown station. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and you should have a slight bend in your knees.

  2. Grip the bar with a pronated (overhand grip) and hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be extended with a slight bend in the elbows, with hands above your head.

  3. Engage your core by tucking the belly button into the spine and squeezing the glutes, then squeeze your shoulder blades together.

  4. Use the back muscles to pull the bar down towards the top of your thighs while keeping your arms straight.

  5. Pause at the bottom before slowly allowing the bar to return to the top.

If you’re not sure if any of the above exercises are suitable for you, please consult your doctor before you start it. Need guidance on how to perform the exercise? Ask a personal trainer at your gym.