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Good Mornings

What is a good morning?

Good morning exercise variations

The good morning is a hip hinge exercise which strengthens several muscles in the posterior chain, including the glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors. While it is often overlooked in favour of the deadlift or hip thrust, it's an excellent exercise in its own right! Incorporating good mornings into your workout routine can also help to improve both your squat and deadlift. 

Good mornings are typically carried out standing up with a barbell placed on the upper back, although there is a seated good morning variation. It's important to get the form correct to avoid straining your back. Focus on perfecting the form at each weight before adding more weight to the bar.

Commonly asked questions on good mornings

Are good mornings bad for your back?

When performed correctly and with a manageable weight, good mornings are not bad for your back. In fact, this exercise is great at strengthening the muscles in your posterior chain, including the back muscles, and can help to prevent back pain and injury in the long run.

What's the difference between good mornings and deadlifts?

On the surface, deadlifts and good mornings are very similar exercises. They're both compound exercises which use a hip hinge, and they target similar muscles. 

The main difference lies with with the motion each exercise uses. The deadlift moves up and down motion, while good mornings hinge forward. The bar placement also differs between the two. Both of these factors mean each exercise activates the muscles in different ways.

What exercise can replace good mornings?

Good mornings can be tricky to master. If the barbell good morning doesn't feel right, try your hand at some good morning variations. Back extensions, hip thrusts, and Romanian deadlifts also work similar muscles and can be used to replace good mornings if preferred.

Good morning tips

  • Keep your spine slightly arched and lightly squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Your knees should have a slight bend throughout the movement.
  • Push back through your hips, rather than drop your chest forward.

Good morning variations

Barbell Good Mornings

Strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back with barbell good mornings.

Barbell Good Mornings
Dumbbell Good Mornings

Dumbbell good mornings are a beginner-friendly option that involves using dumbbells on your shoulders to build strength in your hamstrings.

Dumbbell Good Mornings
Seated Good Mornings

Take the focus off hamstrings with this seated variation that works the lower back and core.

Seated Good Mornings

If you’re not sure if any of the above exercises are suitable for you, please consult your doctor before you start it. Need guidance on how to perform the exercise? Ask a personal trainer at your gym.