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Trouble getting into the gym?

Let's get you back in the gym and having a great workout again!

If you're having trouble getting in, don't worry, it may be one of these reasons: 

It may be your PIN

Get a PIN reminder here

You may have a payment outstanding

Check here

You may not have access to this gym

Check your access here

You may need to activate your membership

Check here

If your PIN is not working please try these steps first: 

  1. Make sure you press ‘OK’ after entering your PIN

  2. Get a PIN Reminder

    Follow this link to get a reminder for your gym PIN - all you need is the email address you signed up with and your date of birth.

Get pin reminder

Check if you have a payment outstanding

You may have a payment outstanding. You can find out by logging into your Member's Area.

Log in to member's area

Alternatively, you can contact [email protected]

If you're trying to access a new gym, check it's included in your membership

You can check which gyms you have access to via your Member's Area. If you don't have access, you can upgrade in your Member's Area. You can add multi-gym access as a 'bolt-on' or by upgrading to a PLUS membership.

Upgrade your membership

Check your membership is active

If you've recently frozen your membership it may still be frozen, you can check in the Member's Area, and unfreeze it here too.

Unfreeze now

Your membership may be inactive and it will tell you in your Member's Area. If that's the case, you will need to re-join. Click here to re-join PureGym.

Rejoin now