Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

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Weight lossMuscle tone and developmentBody confidence


Level 2 Fitness InstructorLevel 3 Personal Trainer

About me

Feeling frustrated with a lack of results, impossible to commit to more than 4 weeks and struggling with motivation or just feeling that finding your way through the minefield of conflicting information online has left you confused and disheartened. If this sounds all too familiar, you're in the right place.

My approach aims to not just focus on what you would like to achieve and to provide you with the most effective training program to transform your life, but also to understand where you are RIGHT NOW, in terms of your past experiences, how confident you are in a gym environment or with exercise in general, and your current life circumstances that may be causing complications in where you want to go and where you would like to be.

That’s where my services CAN HELP.

Whether you’re looking for 1:1 personal training, online fitness, and lifestyle coaching, or just some advice, we can work together to design a program that fits in with you and your lifestyle, getting you on the right path and moving towards your health and fitness goals.

Book in today for a FREE 15-30 minute consultation and let's talk about YOU.

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