Una Adamane

Una Adamane

Specialist areas

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Active IQ Level 2 Fitness CoachActive IQ Level 3 Personal TrainingUKSCA Strength & ConditioningUKSCA Olympic Lifting & Weightlifting

About me

As much as I love training, I also love helping others with it, and this is why I’m here. My goal is to help you guys to get better, set your goals and achieve them with training you enjoy and a programme that fits only your needs.
I’m focused on strength and conditioning, weight loss and lifestyle change, and also work on flexibility and mobility. I enjoy heavy weight lifting and have been doing martial arts training like MMA, Brazilian Jiujitsu and JUDO for few years now. These are things I enjoy the most and that’s why I have chosen to help you to improve and change your life for the better, please feel free to say hi or drop me an email to book in for consultation any time.
Nothing comes easy, it’s true, but if it has value in your life it will be rewarded and definitely worth it! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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