Mostafa Hodaiby

Mostafa Hodaiby

Specialist areas

BoxingWeight lossStrength and conditioningNutritional guidanceBody fat reductionBody confidence


Level 3 personal trainerCircuits instructorGroup cycle instructorBoxing instructorTRX instructorNutritionist

About me

I work around the client's personality establishing an effective relationship that encourages them to become comfortable with being uncomfortable whether they are beginners intermediate or advanced ill always make sure I push them to their limits to reach their goal. My clients receive tailored workout and nutrition plans backed up by regular check-ins to make sure they stay on track.


I am a professional Bodybuilder Currently Mr. Atlas Classic bodybuilding world champion.

17 years ago when I first started training no one told me or explained to me how to achieve the perfect physique, I spent a lot of money on fake articles promoting fake products which wasted a lot of my time and money and I felt it was impossible to achieve my goal. I worked hard started researching and started to learn about the importance of fitness and nutrition for a healthy body and healthy mind

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